Are You Living Life in Reverse?

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A lot of people do this to themselves.

They work at jobs they hate to buy things they don’t need.

They date and/or marry just to avoid being alone.

Then after years have gone by, they wake up and try to turn things around.

They pursue their real interests.

They start looking for meaningful relationships.

They go after all the things they should have pursued years ago.

Now I know why they say that youth is wasted on the young.

Once upon a time, I was guilty of this too. But then I learned to flip the script and live life in reverse (for the most part).

How about you? Are you living life in reverse too? Let me know in the comments below.

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Are You Saying It Right?

People Talking

So many times we focus on speaking the right words but we forget how we are saying them. For instance, if we are mad at someone but we don’t want them to know, we will hide our true feelings and talk to them like everything is peachy. However, they often get to know exactly how we are feeling, which then leads to a lengthy discussion or argument. Now this is not bad per se. It’s good to hash out problems in personal relationships.

But imagine the same situation in a non-personal relationship, say with your boss or colleague. Sounds like a catastrophe, doesn’t it?

So watch your tone along with your words. Each can bring out the best or the worst in the other.

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Working Part-Time Isn’t Always A Compulsion. Sometimes, it’s a choice.

It's Your Life

Everybody is different. We all have unique lifestyles and philosophies, and most of them are accepted as personal choices. Why then, when it comes to our professional life, do so many of us regard working full-time as the default standard? Isn’t the number of hours one wants to devote to work a personal choice too, and an extremely crucial one at that?

If like me, you are one of the people who want/do work part-time, you have probably felt that you are lazy, weak, demotivated, etc. Whether these feelings are because of society or your inner critic, know that they aren’t true. You have nothing to be ashamed of.  And no, you don’t have to be differently abled or expecting to be “allowed” to avail of this choice.

Unfortunately, we live in times where maximum busyness and productivity have become a glorified way of life. Anything lesser is an abomination, a sign that you aren’t hustling, that you are wasting your life. Honestly, working longer hours doesn’t make anyone better than those who put in lesser hours, and vice versa.

What’s important is doing what makes you feel sane, happy and fulfilled, whatever that might be. So, if more free time is what satisfies you and/or staves off depression, burnout, stress, etc, working part-time is what you should do. Conversely, if you are happiest in a full-time gig, that’s awesome too. We must live our own truth, and respect each other’s choices. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

PS This isn’t a millennial “problem”, nor is it something unrealistic. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what Mohit Satyanand has to say. Let’s put our health and happiness above what society deems normal or acceptable. That’s the least we can do for ourselves, right?

On Keeping It Real And Going In A New Direction

Oh Well I Tried

For months now, I have been looking for an appropriate headshot to use for all my social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Now I have quite a few potential photos that I could use—and have been actively taking just for this very reason—but my search stopped as soon as this photo came into being.


Hmm, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about this one. For starters, look at that hair! It could sure use a liberal dose of some heavy-duty anti-frizz and anti-sweat volumizing serum. Photoshop would definitely work wonders on my tired eyes and slightly swollen lips. And don’t get me started about my outfit…it looked a hell of a lot better on the model than it did on me. I could go on about all that could be fixed…

Yeah, it is beyond obvious that this photo is far from perfect. But in a sea of heavily filtered and posed for photos, I wanted to keep it as real as it gets.

A candid shot taken by my wonderful husband, Aamir in Chandigarh’s fascinating rock garden, this snap has so much mojo! The moment we arrived at this particular spot, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm.  And despite the sweaty hair, tired eyes, allergy affected lips, and a not so flattering outfit, don’t I radiate serenity? Maybe it had something to do with the lush and quiet locale, but I am pretty sure it was mostly because unlike all the other photos, this was one was completely natural. You see, cutesy poses and wide grins aren’t really how I am in front of a camera. This photo here, this is how I am and Aamir captured it perfectly. With so much truth and meaning in this photo, should I really be worried about my flaws? Isn’t having a real image far better than a fake one?

I may sound all Zen about it now, but at the time of uploading this shot, I did consider altering it”the way it should be”. Resisting that urge was tough.  Even after I was done changing my profile photo, I was terrified of receiving nasty comments. Thankfully, none have come my way so far. But if and when they do, I have made up my mind to ignore them and remember that I took this step because I didn’t want to create a false identity AGAIN (no judgment intended for those who choose to edit, enhance and retouch their photos. After all, to each his or her own and the pressure of perfection is unmistakably on the rise – and hard to battle).

Speaking of keeping it real, I have been thinking of changing the way I have collecting quotes for my book. In Reaching Out To Influencers, I spoke about getting personal experiences from influencers to add value to Busting Clichés. Unfortunately, this hasn’t taken off as well as I thought it would. A few weeks back, I went in full on introspective mode, wondering how I could ensure that more big names responded positively. After all, these folks are not regular people like you and me, they have far too many people demanding their time and attention.  I was in quite a state of despair and felt like getting them interested was as easy as communicating with Martians. I thought,” I can’t really relate to these guys, how then can I figure out the best way to get their attention?” And that’s when it struck me: if I am having trouble relating to them, won’t my readers also feel this way? Would adding their personal experiences really add value to my book, or alienate people because they cannot relate to these bigwigs? After all, we do tend to put the rich and famous on a pedestal, don’t we? For a few minutes, I wondered whether I’ve made a huge mistake, Gob-style. (Arrested Development fans, anyone? :D)

Luckily, I then got an unexpected brainwave: what if I mixed things up by taking quotes from influencers and regular people? Wouldn’t that be far more meaningful to you and me? 

And then I did what any long-time netizen would do: I Googled to see there was any truth to my theory. I came across posts like Can you be friends with rich people?, 28 Things Celebrities Do In Real Life That Normal People Couldn’t, and We prefer people we think are similar to ourselves that backed up my idea. But of course, your opinion is ultimately what counts. So tell me, dear reader, what do you prefer and why? Quotes from famous folks, quotes from just as amazing but regular people, or a mix of both? Do share your views in the comments below. Also, feel free to let me know your thoughts on my photo, and what all goes through your mind while uploading an image of yourself online. I’m all ears 🙂

When Will The Quest For Perfection Stop?

2010 Hawaii Models

First we had IQ.
Then EQ came along.
Going by the current state of the world, we will soon have a new quotient: GQ aka Gorgeousness Quotient.

Honestly all it needs is a name, because today way too many people are being judged―even valued―solely on the basis of their appearance. No doubt, looking presentable is important. But where must we draw the line? Who will decide the difference between grooming and obsession? Only time will tell.

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