Conquering Stage Fright


Source: Pixabay

Dry mouth. Pounding heart. Weak knees. All this and more  would happen to me at the faintest possibility of a public speaking opportunity. In cases where it had simply to be done, I would rush through it –  tripping over words, barely audible. Little wonder then that it has been one of my biggest fears for years. I avoided it like the plague, thinking that I am never going to really need it anyway. But life has a funny way of proving our convictions wrong, doesn’t it?

Turns out I am going to be needing it right away! I have been contacting quite a few influentials since February, and unfortunately, the response has been meh. My publisher and I have decided to change the approach: instead of contacting them by email, we will try to meet them personally. Which means instead of a convenient email, I will have to talk to them face to face. Get them interested in my book in  5 minutes or less. And the bigger problem is not that it’s intimidating, it’s that my elevator pitch sucks.

Well anyway, if it’s broke, it can be fixed, right? I am going to be joining Toastmasters to deal with my crippling fear of speaking in public. And who knows, maybe it will help me transition from a bathroom singer to a karaoke enthusiast 😉

Reaching Out To Influential People

 Influential Person

In Interview With The Publisher, I mentioned that my publisher had a brilliant suggestion for my book. Brilliant, yes. Easy, no! What did he suggest, you ask? That I reach out to influential people and get quotes on their personal experiences with misunderstood clichés.

At the time, I thought,” how hard can getting 20 quotes be? A lot of people will be interested in contributing.” Was I wrong!

Contacting anybody you don’t know is tough. Can you imagine how unnerving it was emailing influentials? Although I had done it a couple of times before, I had never done it on such a large scale. Plus, there was the pressure of getting a positive response.

There was an upside to this daunting task, however. I learned that not everybody says no in the same way. Some decline politely while some respond with silence. Whatever be the case, I realized that I do not have to take rejection personally. After all, they aren’t rejecting me they are rejecting my proposal. It may be a fine line, but it IS there.

So far, I have just got a few quotes. With a prayer on my lips and hope in my soul, I am still sending out emails. And I won’t stop until I get the exact number of quotes I need.