5 Reasons Everyone Should Wear Make Up

Red Lips Often considered as the sole right of women, makeup can actually be worn by anyone.  Here are 5 reasons why you should make makeup an essential part of your life:

1. Show off your favorite features- Love your eyes but not the bags underneath? A few swipes of concealer and your eyes will be as bright as a fawn’s.

2. Change your age- With the right makeup, a 40 year old can pass off as a 20 year old and vice-versa (not that there’s anything wrong with looking your age).

3. Get a new look- After plastic surgery, makeup is the only thing that lets you alter your look drastically. Plus, it is a whole lot safer, not to mention cheaper.

4. Express yourself- Feeling edgy today? Let your smoky eyes and clear lip balm do all the talking.

5. Double your confidence- When you feel good about yourself, it shows.

And the best benefit of all? It’s FUN! So are you ready to bring makeup into your life?

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