5 Things 2015 Taught Me

Thank You 2015

  1. Rules can and should be broken. After all, they are meant to serve you.
  2. No one is perfect in this world and that’s the beauty of it. Own your imperfections.
  3. Forgive.  Nothing clears your headspace as instantly.
  4. Live in the present without disregarding the future. It’s tough but oh so rewarding.
  5. Love people with their flaws and quirks, not inspite of them. Love may or may not be a choice, but it definitely isn’t a favor.

Goodbye 2015, it was fun while it lasted. Here’s to a better 2016! Happy new year everyone 🙂

Quotes That Kept Me Writing

Quotes Rock
When I started writing my book, it consumed me; I was determined to slow down only after I finished. Occasionally, negativity played with my mind and scoffed,”Why are you doing this? Will you be able to finish what you started? What makes you the expert, huh? What if no one wants to read it? I hope you’re not expecting to get famous or anything…” Once it got started, it was difficult to get it to shut up. Continue reading

The Inception and The Now

Muddy Water Lao Tzu Quote

The resounding support of the wonderful WordPress community encouraged me to share more details about my book. This post is  about what got me started and where I am today:

April 1, 2015. Things were finally looking up for me career-wise. I had landed a three month internship as a content writer at a wonderful company. I was assured that if  things went well, it would evolve into a permanent position. I couldn’t be more grateful – it had been a tough couple of years figuring out what I wanted to do. Continue reading