Who Am I To Write A Personal Development Book?

Personal Development Definition

Let’s get straight to the point: I am a regular person. Okay, maybe I am being my usual self-deprecating self, but I am certainly no behavioral psychologist, scientist or expert of any sort.

What I am is an individual who has seen how easy it is for us humans to fall in line with what we are taught, without ever questioning why.  And I say this not as some high and mighty spectator, but as an old-time performer. It was not too long ago when I used to jump through hoops. Hoops that were set up by someone I didn’t even know. Continue reading

Interview With The Publisher


Hours after publishing my last post, Prashant Karhade, the co-founder of APK Publishers, asked me if we could meet over the weekend to discuss my book. I excitedly told him a yes.

Turns out my good feeling was legit. Not only did he like the book, he was even ready to publish it as is. He said that unlike most first-time authors’ books, this one was finished. However, he had a brilliant suggestion which I said I would only be glad to implement. We had a long chat and he promised to get in touch with me by next week.

I am over the moon and can’t believe this is happening to me. It’s hard enough to find a publisher nowadays, let alone a good one like APK.  All I can say is, they were definitely worth the wait.