Are You Saying It Right?

People Talking

So many times we focus on speaking the right words but we forget how we are saying them. For instance, if we are mad at someone but we don’t want them to know, we will hide our true feelings and talk to them like everything is peachy. However, they often get to know exactly how we are feeling, which then leads to a lengthy discussion or argument. Now this is not bad per se. It’s good to hash out problems in personal relationships.

But imagine the same situation in a non-personal relationship, say with your boss or colleague. Sounds like a catastrophe, doesn’t it?

So watch your tone along with your words. Each can bring out the best or the worst in the other.

Source: Gym Junkies

6 thoughts on “Are You Saying It Right?

    • Mahevash says:

      Haha true! But as you pointed out in a previous post, I wouldn’t go with always for anything in life. Thank you for sharing that quote, especially as it’s new to me 🙂

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