Limited Period Offer: Read Busting Clichés For Free

Busting Clichés Cover - Mahevash Shaikh

Hello, everyone. Hope you are having a fun Saturday! Just wanted to give you a quick update: starting today, you can read the Kindle version of Busting Clichés for free…until Monday. Go here to download your own copy now:

1.  Amazon US
2. Amazon India

If you are based elsewhere, send me an email at so I can send you your free copy. All I ask for in return is an honest review. Because reviews really help an author in this manner:

Why Leave Reviews

Need a better reason than free to read my book? Hang on, I’ll give you four:

1. The tone and language is relatable and contemporary
2. It has cartoons that will bring a smile to your face
3. It is a short read with moving personal experiences of interesting folks – some famous, some not so famous (yet)
4. It will make you think differently about clichés and life in general

So go on, download my book already – and then tell me how it was!

6 thoughts on “Limited Period Offer: Read Busting Clichés For Free

  1. RO says:

    This is great that you’re offering for free, and I love the title! Unfortunately, I no longer review novels, but have more of a focus on interviewing authors and chefs. Hugs…

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