World Mental Health Day: Taking Care Of Mental Health At Work

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According to research, one-third aka 30% of our lives are spent at work. That’s a big number, which is why savvy employers invest in occupational health.  Now although occupational health involves maintaining physical, mental and social well-being of employees, mental health is still largely ignored. Worse, this phenomenon is global, with the degree of ignorance varying as per culture and (lack of) awareness. With 1 in 5 people experiencing a mental health condition at work, this is a disturbing state of affairs.

Personally, I feel India is one of the countries where mental health is most severely disregarded. And this needs to be remedied immediately. On World Mental Health Day today, I wrote a piece for Indibeat on how Indian companies don’t take mental health seriously. I conclude with what they can do to enable good mental health. Do take a read to know what it’s like to work at a typical company in India.

Does your company help take care of your mental health? What does a mentally healthy workplace look like to you? Let me know  your experiences and opinions in the comments below. 

4 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day: Taking Care Of Mental Health At Work

    • Mahevash says:

      Now that you do, please make your circles aware. It’s our joint responsibility to make the world a more humane place, isn’t it?

  1. Smriti says:

    It’s true what you said about the severe Indian disregard for mental health. I am an Indian and I work at a reputed IT company here. One of my close friends has severe anxiety and he takes sick leave on days he can’t handle being around other people. He cannot be honest because our manager clearly thinks such people are flaky and cannot be trusted.

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