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29 thoughts on “Digital Disconnect”

  1. Always good to disconnect for awhile. I like to turn off my laptop and read during the afternoon, preferably on my back porch. Hope you enjoy your off time!

  2. I need to do this more. I spend most of my day in meetings staring at screens or staring at my computer screen then come home and stare at my own computer screen! A regular switch off would do wonders for the soul…and the eyestrain!

  3. I started doing this once a week last year and have kept it up. It does wonders. :) I also have started reducing daily on-line time, too. Great reminder, Mahevash!

  4. Khozema Mohammed Husain Kika

    Quite true.
    Today thumbs do the talking and all are slaves to the smartphones technology.
    People r so aggressive in watching what other people r doing worldwide that they do not know whats going on in the next room.

    1. What?! All it does is connect people :P
      I agree with you…it’s so easy to get lost in there! However, this post is in no way aimed at Facebook or any other social media platform in particular. All I want to say is that being online for too long can disconnect you from reality, so limit your daily intake.

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