See Things For What They Are

Fan and Shadow

12 thoughts on “See Things For What They Are”

      1. Today’s world is a ‘hurry up world’, most of the time we ignore basic but important things which are in front of us, such as morning sunshine, cold breeze, etc.
        If we halt and focus clearly, we would know and see things for what they are.
        This is my perspective, there can be numerous other scenarios.

      2. For eg take the ceiling fan ,
        If you watch a ceiling fan in action and focus ,you will find that ceiling fan and its shadow and the ceiling are having sone conversation.
        If not then its just a ceiling fan rotating.
        Its just the perspective.

        1. Interesting and artistic take (◕‿◕)
          What I meant to convey with this photo was that we should be able to differentiate between who’s good for us — and who isn’t. For instance, if you take a person’s shadow to be their true form and vice versa, you are not assessing them correctly. Of course, it takes significant time to get to know somebody, but keeping an eye out for both benevolent gestures and red flags helps a lot. The same logic can be applied to situations as well, don’t you think?

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