Do We Wear The Masks Or Do The Masks Wear Us?

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6 thoughts on “Do We Wear The Masks Or Do The Masks Wear Us?”

  1. I would suggest that as we create our own masks, then we have the choice to wear them… or not! Of course masks can influence us i.e. we may adjust how we present ourselves to give authenticity to our mask but, again, it is by choice.
    The sad part, at least from my perspective, is that masks do exist for many people. Wearing a mask is simply not presenting your true self and if you are choosing to hide your true self, then one may conclude that you are not happy with your true self. It would be better to resolve your self-image issues than project a false one, after all, you may be able to fool everybody around you…. but you will not fool yourself. You know the truth! You know the real you!

    1. Interesting point. But is it always a choice or poor self-esteem? I personally feel social pressure, circumstances, and the need to feel accepted are largely responsible for not being true to oneself…also after a certain point of time, don’t the roles get blurred? Like you pretend to be something so hard that you become that way – whether you like/realize/accept it or not? I have met a good number of people who have sadly validated that :/

      1. It can be personal choice or self-esteem (ref my 2nd para). Societal expectations, and us being a social species does present issues in the areas of free expression. Lack of self confidence, or an unwillingness to make ourselves “visible” is, I would suggest, self esteem based.
        As for your experience that people may eventually take on the persona of their mask. I would agree that this is quite possible, but they are living a lie to themselves. I really do hope that they do not realize what they did later in their life. I cannot imagine reflecting on my life, and seeing it all as lie.

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