3 Compelling Reasons To Bring Back The STD ISD PCO Booth

std isd pco booth

It’s 2020 and literally everyone has a mobile phone these days. However, not too long ago, yellow phone booths with the words ‘STD ISD PCO’ written on them ruled the streets of India. Yes, these booths were what us Indians relied on whenever we needed to make a call outside our homes.

Sadly, owing to the ubiquity of the mobile phone, it is a rare sight to find a phone booth these days. Even if one does spot a booth, it tends to be in a secluded corner, almost forgotten by the very people who put it up.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could see more of them around us? You bet! Here are five solid reasons to bring back the STD ISD PCO booth in today’s times:

1. The booth is reliable

The mobile phone, for all its ease of use and convenience, runs on a battery. And this battery often runs out of charge, leading to what we call a ‘dead’ phone. According to Murphy’s Law, the phone tends to die when we most need it, leading to some very unfortunate situations like the wife being worried sick because you are home later than usual and couldn’t call to tell her so.

The hassle of always keeping your phone charged to a 100% can be avoided if there are more booths available for the use of the general public. The reason is simple – the phone in the booth is a landline phone, meaning that it is always there for you as long as you have a few coins to drop inside it.

2. The booth provides privacy

Of all the amazing features that a mobile phone provides, privacy is not one of them. All of us have surely eavesdropped on a stranger’s conversation more often than we’d like to admit, right? Well, that isn’t your fault or mine, because too many people conduct private conversations in shared public spaces. The result? Whether we like it or not, we end up hearing their side of the conversation.

The phone booth completely does away with this issue. Only one person at a time can use it, thereby guaranteeing 100% privacy to the person who is on a call. Plus, the booth grants the sweet sound of silence to people who are least interested in hearing somebody yapping away. If this alone is not reason enough to bring back the phone booth, I don’t know what is.

3. The booth takes us back in time

Who doesn’t like to take a trip down memory lane every now and then? Nostalgia is bittersweet, and in our troubled times, it provides escapism, even if only for a brief moment. In fact, nostalgia has been proved to have a variety of health benefits.

As a millennial, I can vouch for the fact that the nineties were some of the best times to be in. And since phone booths were a dime a dozen in the nineties, seeing them back in present times is bound to make most of us sigh happily in sweet reminiscence. Can you imagine how many wonderful memories will come flooding to each and every one of us by the mere sight of these phone booths?

STD booths may never be back like in the 90s, but you can own one right now! Click here to purchase this miniature STD booth that is oh so true to life.

Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

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