These Memes Explain Why Arranged Marriages Are Toxic

ban arranged marriages in india

Okay, not all arranged marriages are toxic but they generally are and honestly, they should be banned. Here are some substantial reasons why they should be made illegal:

For the record, I did not have an arranged marriage. Why am I clarifying this? Because some people will think I had one and then accuse me of being bitter. As if!

Anyway, here are some on-point memes to back up my point of view:

1. Forceful


2. Undateable

undateable yet married lol meme indian parents

3. Shock


4. Sex Education(!)


5. Dowry


6. Forced Relationship


7. Man-child


8. Married For Money


9. Casteism

casteism arranged marriages suck

10. Rebound Marriage


11. Nosy In-Laws

this whole thing was your idea mom

12. Um

craziest thing done for sex got married to a stranger

13. How We Met

how i met your mother on our wedding meme

14. Your Fate Is Sealed


15. Sexist Eligibility

no one will marry you round rotis meme

16. Turning 25

turning 25 in india meme

17. Unnatural


18. Mommy Dearest

wtf this is creepy af indian matchmaking meme

19. UGH

sima is a misogynist like indian society meme

20. Listen Up

marriage isnt for everyone meme

Now, don’t you agree that arranged marriages are seriously flawed and regressive? In fact, the whole ‘you have to get married’ culture in India is unhealthy. Marriage is a personal choice, isn’t it? If someone wants to stay single, self-partner, or marry themselves, why should anyone judge or pressure them to get hitched?

What is your take on arranged marriages? Please let me know in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “These Memes Explain Why Arranged Marriages Are Toxic”

  1. “The reason why most cases of domestic violence are never reported is due to the social stigma of the society and the attitude of the women themselves, where women are expected to be subservient, not just to their male counterparts but also to the male’s relatives.”

    Long time no see. Fun post that touched a nerve.

  2. What these folks want are stepford wives, huh. And as for the women, some are golddiggers for sure but most of us get a raw deal

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