Feeling Naughty? Surprise Your Partner With These Sex Toys

Feeling Naughty? Surprise Your Partner With These Sex Toys

When was the last time you surprised your partner? If you can’t remember, you are not alone. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s natural for spontaneity to become a thing of the past. But when spontaneity wanes, so does romance, and your relationship can become stale. One surefire way to keep it exciting is by surprising your partner with a gift. Did that statement have you rolling your eyes because you are tired of predictable gift options like chocolates and cannot afford to take an impromptu vacation? Don’t worry. If you are feeling naughty and are open to adventure, you can take your gift-giving game to a new level without robbing a bank. Not only will it be unforgettable, but it will also be a gift that keeps giving. What am I talking about? Sex toys, of course.

What? Why Are Couples Using Sex Toys?

According to a survey by ThatsPersonal.com, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a 65% increase in the sales of sex toys in India in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. Sex toys became a lockdown essential for many Indians, and going by their rising demand, they are here to stay. Contrary to popular opinion, sex toys are more than a single person’s best friend. Indian couples—whether heterosexual or queer—are experimenting with sexual wellness products more now than ever. And it’s pretty obvious why: they add an element of thrill and sensuality to any relationship.

Here are ten reasons why couples all over the world are turning to pleasure products in the bedroom:

1) Increased pleasure and arousal for both partners

2) Exploration of new sensations and experiences

3) Spicing up sexual routines and deepening intimacy

4) Addressing differences in sexual desire

5) Enabling better communication between partners

6) Overcoming challenges related to sexual performance

7) Enhancing solo and mutual satisfaction

8) Rekindling passion in long-term and long-distance relationships

9) Providing novel, alternative forms of stimulation

10) Empowering individuals to explore their desires

So whether you need a break from routine intercourse or want to amp up your pleasure, sex toys are right for you.

How To Choose the Right Sex Toys for Your Partner

First of all, you need to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about their interests, fantasies, and concerns regarding sex toys.

Then, you need to consider their level of experience. If they are newbies, start with beginner-friendly, easy-to-use, and non-intimidating options. If they’re experienced, you can explore more advanced toys.

It’s also important to know your partner’s stimulation preferences. For example, some women prefer clitoral stimulation to vaginal penetration. Make sure you choose a device that aligns with your partner’s preferences.

Once you are ready to make a purchase, opt only for high-quality sex toys made from body-safe materials. Look for reputable brands and read reviews to ensure durability, safety, and effectiveness. After all, you are making a long-term investment in your love life.

Finally, keep an open mind, be willing to experiment, and encourage feedback from your partner to ensure a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Alright, let’s get to it! Here are some popular sex toys available in India for people across genders, orientations, and experience levels.

Beginner-Friendly Sex Toys

If your partner is new to pleasure products, you need to go for beginner-friendly sex toys. They are easy to use and provide gentle to moderate vibration. Here are some preferred types:

1. Dildos: If you want to get started with the simplest possible option, a dildo is the one for you. Typically shaped like a penis, it is designed for vaginal and anal penetration. Dildos come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Keep it simple by opting for a realistic silicone dildo with a suction cup that allows for hands-free usage.

2. Bullet Vibrators: Small, discreet, and versatile, bullet vibrators are perfect for beginners. They offer targeted sensations and can be used for clitoral, nipple, or other external stimulation only. One of the best bullet vibrators out there is B Swish’s Premium Wireless Vibrator.

B Swish Premium Wireless Vibrator (as seen in LUST STORIES)

If you think you’ve seen it somewhere, you’re right: this bad boy was featured in the movie Lust Stories. Don’t let its small size fool you. This nifty device with 7 vibration modes *will* turn you on in minutes.

3. Classic Vibrators: These are an upgrade to bullet vibrators because they provide both internal and external stimulation and come in various shapes and sizes. Rabbit vibrators, G-Spot vibrators, and wand massagers are some popular classic vibrators. If you are looking for a classic vibrator for solo or couple play, look no further than the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 Vibrator.

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 Vibrator

This vibrator is the perfect sex toy for men, women, and couples, particularly if they are into foreplay. It can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of gender or experience level.

4. Vibrating Cock Rings: These are wearable sex toys for men that have built-in vibrators. They provide erection support for the wearer while delivering vibrations to the clitoris, thus offering mutual stimulation during intercourse. A vibrating cock ring is a great option if you are looking for a simple yet powerful couple’s sex toy.

Intermediate Sex Toys for Couples

If you have some experience with adult toys and are looking for further exploration, these can be your new best friends:

1. Strap-Ons: Strap-ons are wearable dildos used for penetrative sex. Whether used for vaginal, anal, or oral play, they provide mutual pleasure and are amazing sex toys for men, women, and other genders. They are also an excellent gender-neutral option for couples interested in role reversal.

2. Couples Vibrators: Designed to be worn during intercourse, these devices provide simultaneous stimulation to you and your partner. They typically have a slim design that allows for comfortable penetration with clitoral or G-spot stimulation. If you are into BDSM or power play, opt for remote-controlled vibrators that can be controlled from a distance and are discreet enough to be used in public.

3. Bedroom Games: Bedroom games provide a naughty way for couples to explore new fantasies together. They come in various forms, like board games, card games, and digital apps. Add fun and spontaneity to your intimate moments with Cosmo’s Kinky Sex Games.

Cosmo's Kinky Sex Games Card Game

This card game is the brainchild of the editors of Cosmopolitan, an internationally loved women’s magazine famous for its bold, practical sex advice. With themed categories like the “Sex Ninja Game” and “Finish the Fantasy,” it is sure to spice things up in the bedroom.

4. Light Bondage and BDSM Toys: Are you curious about kink or unconventional sex? Short for Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism, BDSM is not for the faint of heart. Ease into it with light bondage and BDSM gear like handcuffs, blindfolds, and spanking paddles. To keep things sexy and comfortable, pick up a pair of Fetish Furry Handcuffs from EasyToys.

EasyToys Fetish Furry Handcuffs

These adjustable plush handcuffs securely tie up the wrists and are a classic choice for anyone interested in dipping their toe into the world of BDSM.

Advanced Sex Toys For Experienced Partners

Are you looking for sex toys in India that offer intense, out-of-the-ordinary experiences? Check out these advanced sex toys for couples who want to explore new sensations and enhance intimacy.

1. Prostate Massagers: These are sex toys for men that stimulate the prostate, a walnut-sized gland located below the bladder of men and people assigned male at birth. Since the prostate or male G-spot is a highly erogenous zone, prostate massagers all but guarantee powerful orgasms.

Fun Factory’s Duke Prostate Vibrator, also known as the prince of vibrating prostate stimulators, is a great fit (pun intended) for men who don’t shy away from anal play.

Fun Factory Duke Prostate Vibrator

Duke’s perfectly curved design, range of vibration modes, and powerful motors effectively target the prostate, making way for powerful orgasms. It can be used in solo and partnered sex.

2. Double-Ended Dildos: Double-ended dildos have two insertable ends, allowing for simultaneous penetration and stimulation of both partners. They are perfect for queer and heterosexual couples seeking mutual pleasure and intimacy. Glas’ aptly named Double Trouble Dildo is a stunning shatter-resistant dildo that gives pleasure to everyone involved.

Glas Double Trouble Purple Dildo

Yes, you guessed right: this adult toy can be used for the simultaneous penetration of multiple partners in a threesome.

3. Sybian Sex Machine: Known for being one of the most iconic toys EVER, the Sybian is a motorized masturbatory aid suitable for all genders. It has a saddle-like seat with a powerful vibrating motor. Once the user straddles the Sybian, its vibrating components simultaneously stimulate their genitals, perineum, and anus. The result? Multiple orgasms one after the other.

4. BDSM Toys: These are a guaranteed way to have wild, uninhibited sex. BDSM toys come in various types, ranging from ball gags, whips, and nipple clamps to leashes, chastity devices, and anal beads. These toys allow for a wide range of bondage, domination, and submission activities. As long as you have created a safe space for communication, consent, and experimentation, there are no limits to your sexual expression.


Sex toys build passion and intimacy and open the door to sensual exploration. Are you wondering if they are safe to use over and over again? If you purchase quality products and clean them properly before and after use, the answer is a firm YES.

Remember, communication, consent, and experimentation are crucial for a satisfying sex life. If you haven’t tried intimate products yet, what are you waiting for? Now that you know so much about the sexual wellness industry in India, you are all set to shop for pleasure. If you are hesitant to surprise your partner despite all this knowledge, visit a reputable adult store together to make an informed choice.

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