What’s Your Take? Figure Out How You Think With This Quick Test.


“She took a leap of faith and jumped. And that’s why she is where she is today.”

What’s the first thought that popped up when you read these words?

Did you think that her life was ruined? Or did you think that she achieved something significant?

Your answer will determine whether you are a positive or negative thinker.

27 thoughts on “What’s Your Take? Figure Out How You Think With This Quick Test.”

  1. Actually, my first thought was that this is exactly what happened in the novel I’m finishing. So that probably means I’m a writer, although hopefully, an optimistic one. :)

    1. Well, I have perused your blog…you are most definitely a writer, and a good one at that! When will you be releasing your new book?

  2. I am with Bernadette on this one. My first thought was something positive, my second was feeling worries it might be something bad instead :’) (Only the first line showed up in my reader).

    Happy it’s all good, though!

    1. You thought of both outcomes…interesting!

      And to be honest, I think the last line was an overstatement. It should have been something like,”Your answer will determine whether you are in a positive or negative frame of mind.”

  3. It ‘s like the old “glass half full…. or half empty” question. Sadly, so many people focus on what they do not have, rather than celebrate what they do have. :)

      1. If you see a glass half filled with water, some say it is half full (the positive viewpoint), while some will say it is half empty (the negative viewpoint. Both views are an accurate statement of the glass so attitude and perspective is the influence. The connection with this Post is the positive vs negative thinker. It’s really not complicated. :)

      1. Thanks.
        I’ve been brainstorming a lot of work these days. trying to find the smallest time windows where i can be free of all of it. So to process all that and keep going have to stay +ve, also sometimes we have to call it a day, but its still not the end.

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