Fitting In Is A Waste Of Time

fitting-in-waste-of-time-be-yourselfAs an outspoken advocate of individuality, it might seem that I have never given in to the pressure of fitting in. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I am just as human as you, so there have been times when I have conformed a little.

Sometimes, one follows the herd just to get a break from the unwanted attention that comes with being yourself, right? Take the case of hippies from the ’60s. They get a bad rap even today – and all they basically wanted was peace, love, and the freedom of expression. These folks changed the world for the better, but how often do they get due credit?

Still, ever since I entered my late twenties, I have made it a point to NEVER compromise on my core principles. When the situation is particularly tricky and giving in to what is expected of me seems like the easy way out, I always ask myself, “Will doing this make me hate myself later?” If the answer is no, I go ahead and do it. If the answer is yes, I stick to my guns no matter what.

The way I see it, losing a few points off your social status is nothing compared to losing yourself. The second you stop trying to fit in, two things will happen: first, you will belong to yourself for real. Second, your authenticity will attract like-minded people and over time you will find your tribe.

How do you ensure you stay true to yourself? Share your hacks in the comments below. 


2 thoughts on “Fitting In Is A Waste Of Time”

  1. I got tired of feeling upset every time I put someone else’s wishes before mine AND got zero appreciation for that. I got tired of playing the role of silly, dumb friend, only to boost someone else’s ego. Also without any appreciation. I got extremely angry at people taking advantage of me or walking all over me, only to deny everything afterwards or put the blame on me, running away from their responsibility towards me.

    That’s how I stay straight: I ask myself if it’s worth adjusting to the other party, if I have the energy for it. The answer is usually no. I remind myself where I was only two years ago and how it made me feel, and that is all I need to stay myself. It’s not worth it to be like everyone else if that’s not making you happy.

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