The Inception and The Now: How It All Started

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The resounding support of the wonderful WordPress community encouraged me to share more details about my book. This post is about what got me started and where I am today.

April 1, 2015. Things were finally looking up for me career-wise. I had landed a three month internship as a content writer at a wonderful company. If things went well, it would evolve into a permanent position. I couldn’t be more grateful – it had been a tough couple of years figuring out what I wanted to do.

Then just a couple of days later, family problems compelled me to resign.

I was crushed.

I questioned myself over and over again, “why me?” Until the voice in my head flippantly retorted,” oh get a grip! That is the most cliché line ever!”

That thought suddenly reminded me of a long-forgotten note I had written on my phone. I hastily dug it up.

It was an idea for writing a quirky self-help book centered on clichés.

A crazy thought entered my head: why not actually do this now? Working was out of the question. So was sitting idle. This would keep me busy, maybe even help me deal with my pain. Besides, writing a book was something I had always wanted to do ever since I was little. Even if it sucked, I had nothing to lose. And so I started to write.

Yes, you read that right. I started writing straight away.

Unlike most first-time authors, I did zero market research and didn’t even think of a marketing plan.

All I wanted to do was finish what I had started.  And though I often doubted whether what I wrote made sense or was even worthwhile, I kept writing.

As things began to gradually improve in my personal life, the reason I was writing changed drastically. No longer was this book a means to keep busy. It became a book with a message that needed to reach the masses. That’s when I began to approach publishers.

Today, I know that my book may or may not do well commercially. Still, I am proud of it. In fact, I consider it one of my biggest accomplishments. Because I know that writing a book is not easy even in the best of times. Yet, I penned mine in one of the darkest stages of my life. And I surprised myself, for who knew that three months later I’d have a coherent and finished book? Certainly not me.

So there it is dear readers, the story of how I got started on my book. What made you start writing? Let me know in the comments below :)

37 thoughts on “The Inception and The Now: How It All Started”

    1. Great! Will let you know when it will be out. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter :)

    1. Hey my book is yet to be published. It will be out sometime in November. Do sign up for my newsletter to stay updated. I only send out two-three emails a month, so you will never have to worry about your inbox getting flooded :)

  1. Hello!
    I am an aspirant writer myself and hopefully by the time I get employed, I’ll have enough content for it. :)
    But, it felt good to read your post because I have a few friends who are struggling to finish their books because they decided to commercialize first. I’ll keep this in mind when I write my book. I look forward to reading your book! Take care. Hugs. :)

  2. Writing became therapy. I can totally understand when you said Why Me? I’ve uttered those same words thousands of time. I love it when our inner voice kicks us in the pants

  3. Well done you. I am in the final stages of editing my first book. I think it came about as I was rather cross with my Mother-and began writing. Hah! The funny thing was, she ended up helping via editing and giving some ‘constructive comments’ as well. The book is largely about the women in my family, going back several generations-so I did need her input in the end.

  4. I think most of us just jump into that first book. It’s exciting and wonderful and full of energy. Then reality hits and the hard work of the craft and feedback and honing our skills and publishing and marketing sinks in. Learn to love all parts of the process and keep that wonderful writing energy alive. :-)

    1. Thanks for your kind words :)

      This ‘get things done’ attitude is pretty new. Just two years back, I used to often let circumstances get the best of me… still do sometimes, but I am trying hard to change that.

  5. Your control with words is Marvelous,
    I can sense the feelings inscribed in them.
    Plus there were some phrases which i liked while reading, and you have placed them very well.

    All the best.

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