Internet Activism Is Powerful. Here’s Why.

internet activism is powerful

There are many detractors of internet activism
What do they call it? Ah, slacktivism
The scorn is ‘cos it’s thought to be lazy
A poor substitute for ‘real’ activism
Which often gets dirty and dangerous
How can that be compared to a few clicks?

Well, it can’t and shouldn’t be
But who said hashtags and petitions don’t work?
Do a quick search and you’ll see
Supporting an online cause translates into real-world action
Have you forgotten about the impact of #MeToo?
Or for that matter, #StopFundingHate?

So criticize it all you want
The World Wide Web and social media fuel change
And it’s only going to get bigger in the future
Might as well get with it and join the movement

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Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

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