It’s Okay To Give Up On Your Dream

It's Okay To Give Up On Your Dream

It’s okay to give up on your dream if:

– it’s no longer something you want.

– you have realized it’s unattainable.

– it’s harming your mental or physical health.

– it doesn’t fit into the vision for your life.

– you have a new dream to pursue.

Writing and I are still distant.

It’s been 17 days since I last wrote on a public platform. I didn’t want today to be day 18, so I wrote this post. Sadly, I still don’t know what to do about writing. It no longer feels significant to me.

I know it’s easy to say things like “let it go” and “move on”…I did just that in the first paragraph. But once you have lived your life a certain way for a long time, it’s tough to make a change. Especially when you made a conscious choice to live your life in that manner. I have actively pursued online writing since 2014. And over the years, I figured out the kind of writing I liked and my topics of interest. All of this was immensely challenging, and until recently, I thought I at least had the central part of my work life figured out. The mere thought of starting all over again feels exhausting and unfair.

When life throws you a curveball, it’s normal to panic.

I’ve been panicking ever since I wrote the September 22 blog post. But I am tired of overthinking and blaming myself. Irrespective of how I feel about this situation, it exists – and it’s probably not going to get resolved quickly. All I am trying to do right now is accept it and go with the flow. And most importantly, work on reducing my anxiety.

Oh, and how can I forget? I vow to stop caring about cruel gossip. Yes, I am a non-conformist, but I am also human. I know some people are glad I am going through this crisis while they are pretending to be concerned about my next move. Let them gloat, scoff, or mock me. Their opinion is irrelevant. If one can fall out of love with a person, surely they can fall out of love with a career. Or anything else, for that matter.

Ultimately, it’s nobody’s business what I choose to do in life – and the same goes for you. So if you are stuck in some area of life and feel judged for whatever reason, learn to ignore the opinions of nasty people. 

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  1. Mahevash, your honesty is refreshing and reassuring. Thank you for being candid and I hope you find clarity soon. Sending good vibes your way

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