Nobody Saw This Coming! (Part Two)

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Four days back, I did something I haven’t done for years: speak on stage. In front of a bunch of people. Voluntarily! Well, it was my first book launch and I had no choice but to step up and speak. Ignoring my pounding heart and shaky knees, I delivered the speech I had been practicing for the past few days. Thankfully, it wasn’t all too bad, and more importantly, it was over quite soon. Phew! So that’s finally behind me!

But with the good comes the bad. Remember how I had mentioned in the last post that I hadn’t even received the hard copies of my books, and that I would be getting them right on the day of the launch? Well, of course that made me nervous, but I trusted my publishers enough to know that they would come out the way they looked on my laptop, and as per our discussions. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as expected.

I had a bad feeling when they told me that instead of that morning, I would get the copies just a few minutes before the launch. When I finally received them, I screamed loudly on the inside. No! This couldn’t be happening!

The color of the cover was so different from what I had sent them! It was a dull blue instead of the bright blue it should have been. With no time to get mad or feel sad, I tried to not think and talk about it. Yes, I cribbed about it a bit, but it was all very contained.

Post the event, I went out for a celebratory dinner with my family.

I tried hard to focus on the positives, but my thoughts kept going back to the botched cover.

Sure, other people didn’t complain as they didn’t know what was amiss, but I did! The next day, I scrutinized the entire book. To my utter dismay, I saw quite a few things that were not how they should be. Since my publishers printed only 100 copies, we are now working on fixing the next batch.

Okay, to be honest, it really sucks that this happened.  But hey, it’s in the past now, and at least the content is completely fine. So I might as well try to look past it, and hold on to this feeling instead: despite all the self-doubt and setbacks, my book is finally out there in the world. And nothing should dampen that euphoria.

And before I forget, here are some photos from the launch:

Our books were displayed on this cute cart right near the entrance
1. Books On Display

That’s me holding a copy2. Holding My Book

And that’s me speaking!
 3. Public Speaking

Me trying to look at ease during the panel discussion…seems like it worked, right? ;)
4. Panel Discussion

Gleefully signing one of my copies :D
5. Signing A Copy

Got some press coverage as well <3Press Coverage!

That’s all folks :)

15 thoughts on “Nobody Saw This Coming! (Part Two)”

  1. Congratulations Mahevesh! You must feel on top of the world with a book published in your credit and glad that your speech went well too! All the very best for more!

    1. Thanks, Millie! I think I was pretty much a mess too…I just tried not to let it show :D

  2. I am so proud! :) You did it! And you know what, you are right: despite the colour not being what you wanted it to be: you are signing a book! YOUR book! That’s something a lot of people can only dream of!

    I hope the problems with the cover get solved for the next batch being printed. But even if they won’t: your book is out! :)

    1. Thanks! You played a pivotal role ❤️
      I hope so too! And if they don’t, I have to remember that at least it’s finally out :)

  3. Little accidents happen…I am glad to see one of the batchmates from the Content Writing group come out with flying colors. Way to go!

    1. Thanks! Ah well, these things happen in the publishing industry, don’t they? Gotta roll with the punches…

  4. I’d feel the same way. I’m glad your speech went well, and all those who receive that first set of 100 copies will never know the difference. You have lots of time to get things right for the next batch. All will be well!

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