Contemplations On Prayer: Prayer Is For The Living

Prayer Is For The Living Poem

I bow my head in prayer
It’s what I’ve been taught as a child
But lately, something’s amiss
Don’t feel a connection anymore

The world’s been burning lately
And so is my mind
Got a lot of unanswered questions
Nothing feels quite right

See God and I aren’t on the best terms
Yet I can’t stop myself from praying

I talk to her everyday
Even when I’ve lost hope
I’m not sure if she cares
But our conversations will go on

Why do I open my heart to God?
Because I know she’s always listening
And prayer is a privilege
Granted only to the living

First published on Hevria. 

Note: At the time of writing this poem, I was an agnostic. But thanks to recent realizations and events, I’ve realized and accepted that I am an atheist.

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