PUBG Madness: What We Can Do To End It

PUBG Madness

First, it was Pokemon Go
Then it was the Blue Whale Challenge
Now it’s PUBG
The names may be different
But the result is the same
Kids are getting addicted
Some are even dying
And the government wants to ban the game

But don’t they know
Banning only makes things more desirable?
That’s how Satan lured Eve to the forbidden fruit
And why humans lust after what they can’t have

So what can be done instead?
Like most problems, awareness is the answer
Sensitize our youth about the perils of gaming
Focus on the real world consequences
Of being violent behind a screen
And if that doesn’t work, use parental controls
But whatever you do, don’t ignore the issue
For the addiction is real – and deadly

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2 thoughts on “PUBG Madness: What We Can Do To End It”

  1. It’s a stupid game all right. It’s October now and just a few weeks back, there were a couple of deaths because of it. I hope your friends are off the game for good.

  2. Some of my friends are seriously addicted to this stupid game. Will share this poem with them. Hope it will do them some good!!!

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Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

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