It Sucks To Be Rejected. Not Me, My Book.

Iced Out

The door to traditional publishing just slammed shut in my face. Officially, that is. I had been expecting it for a while as the response time kept increasing. Oscillating between anxiety and positivity, I never forgot to give myself a hard time. “No news is good news.” Ha!

Well, at least now I know where I stand. As shitty as this feels, it’s not me that’s been rejected, it’s my book. Anyway, here’s to escaping the deafening silence.

32 thoughts on “It Sucks To Be Rejected. Not Me, My Book.”

    1. I hear you! Call me crazy, but there’s one last publisher I’m pitching to. If it doesn’t work out, I’m self publishing too! Do send me a link when your book’s up. Good luck :)

  1. Never let others judge your performance. It is your job and personal responsibility to do this. If you are happy and satisfied, you have succeeded regardless of anyone else and their opinions. Hold your head high and experience the pride you deserve..

  2. The bad news Door is an opportunity to test the limits of oneself, whether the person gives up or Takes a step to try more harder, I Developed this skill recently during my work profession that giving up is never an option for me.
    The point of view of The person defines whether the news is a Problem or an opportunity.
    Hope the best for you.

  3. From my extremely limited experiences, it would appear that the publishing culture works on 3 principles:

    If you are a well known author – they are interested.
    If you are a celebrity – they are interested.
    If you are prepared to cover all costs incurred – they are interested.

    If you cannot meet one of the above criteria……. forget it! Not much help to you, but thought it might offer an insight.

      1. There is a compromise. Self publish but contract with a publisher to step you through the process. It will cost (obviously) but you get professional expertise in editing, design, printing, distribution, marketing / promotion support. I would suggest that the decision will depend on whether your book is intended for “local” distribution, or whether you have dreams of world wide distribution. Just some thoughts. :)

          1. I think (hope) so. The problem with self publishing is that anybody can publish anything. Inevitably there is a lot of crap out there and Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc know that. You need to find a way for those distributors to take your book seriously, and getting a professional publisher in to assist will (I hope) provide that credibility. :)

  4. Know just how you feel, going through this now too, so took another course of action sent off my manuscript to an author advisory service waiting for their response, thereafter will edit using whatever advice they give me and most probably self publish.

      1. I have just received my detailed report back from Hilary Johnson Author Advisory Service and found it to be extremely helpful. I shall be working on making the relevant changes to my manuscript this weekend. You can find Hilary via this link:
        I telephoned her in the first instance to get some advice about costs, how they help etc… Good luck.

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