The Storm Before The Calm

Rough Water

I found a publisher that made me rethink my stance on traditional publishing. Founded by a writer and his wife, these guys help first-time writers transition into published authors. So when I came across their site and read their story, how could I not send them a pitch?

I don’t usually change my mind once I have made a decision. After all, it’s only logical to contemplate, pick one route and stick to it – at least for a reasonable period of time.  But sometimes, you gotta do what your gut tells you. And my gut tells me this might just work out.

But if it doesn’t, I am going to have to self-publish, an outcome I am not waiting for. I want my book to reach many people as quickly as possible, so I feel that traditional publishing is the way to go. Even if it means giving up creative control and waiting to get published, I am all for it.

On the flip side, the people in my life are wondering what’s taking me so long with this book. What was supposed to be a three to four-month investment has stretched out into nearly ten months. Sometimes, even I wonder whether what I am doing is rational.

But every time I get these thoughts, I remind myself that what I have written is not just another preachy and impersonal self-help book.

Granted, it only started as a distraction from some (now dormant) personal issues, but midway through the first draft, it became so much more.

Peppered with personal experiences, true to life cartoons, and introspective questions, I realized that my contemporary little book can truly help identify and lessen/eradicate limiting beliefs. Without getting heavy, judgmental or repetitive.

I know for a fact that my book can help people. Now if only someone else sees that too.

16 thoughts on “The Storm Before The Calm”

  1. Hello mahevash, this is Gregory Thomas from I just wanted to thank you for liking my work and following me, let’s keep in touch! :)

  2. You should go for it, and ignore the those thoughts which are holding you back, that is negativity trying to scare you.Use it as a weapon.
    You are already prepped for self publishing, so if this doesn’t work out, you will have no regrets of not trying for this opportunity.
    All the best.

  3. Good Luck my friend and I hope this lead will prove to be positive for you. From all the blogs I have read in the past that you have written you have the energy and vitality to pull this off. My daughter is a writer, staying in London , and also trying to get her novels published. At present she is submitting short e-stories on line and now regularly getting them short listed. She just keeps plugging away day by day, having given up her teaching job and become a professional dog walker to bring in some pennies!

    All the very best to you, Krystyna ?

    1. Thank you for your kind words :)
      All the best to your daughter…that’s a bold move (which I totally approve of)! Does she have a website? If yes, please share the URL.
      We know each other from Wealthy Affiliate, right?

  4. I hope your book gets published! I’ve been told it’s very difficult to find a good publisher, one that also believes in you, but “difficult” isn’t the same as “impossible”. I truly hope it works out for you :)

    1. I’m all prepped for it. Editing, formatting and designing – all of it is done. I only pitched them because I have a good feeling about these guys. And now I wait…

      Congrats! I just checked out the Amazon page. Your book looks really interesting…no wonder it’s already ranking so high so soon :) I know quite a few people who are Sherlock Holmes fans, and will surely recommend it.

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