Ticking Off Boxes With Busting Clichés

I recently came across PopSugar’s reading list for 2016. After giving it a once-over, I decided to see which boxes Busting Clichés ticks off so far. Here’s what I found.

Being a list lover, I hope there will be many more boxes to tick off for Busting Clichés.  Do you like, love or hate reading lists? Which boxes will you be ticking off this year?

24 thoughts on “Ticking Off Boxes With Busting Clichés”

  1. I love lists but I find that I hardly stick to my own!! hahaha… amazing that you are doing it! Are you going to read all the kinds of books in the listing?

    1. Happens to the best of us:P
      I just wanted to see how many boxes my book would tick off! Although that doesn’t mean I won’t give this list a shot :) What about you?

  2. I love lists! :D This sounds like a really cool one: reading books you normally probably wouldn’t (read the first book you see in a book store). I might try it, but then again, I have a huge pile of books waiting for me as it is…

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  4. I would like to read a book with a protagonist who has my occupation. Why must a programmer always be the hero’s sidekick? A nerd who helps the hero save the world, but who never safes the world himself?

      1. And if I don’t find one, I’ll write one, except that nobody might want to read it – just me and a few others flossed mentally. Thanks for the link. Some choices were obvious, other just left me scratching my head. A Supreme Court judge in love with spidey?

    1. I’m sure you have another way of getting things done. Do let us in on your secret!

      And with lists, it’s way too easy to get carried away and keep adding more things to do. It’s imperative to limit them AND break them down effectively. For instance, if the task is to finish editing a post, break it down into smaller chunks like:
      – check grammar
      – rewrite certain sentences etc.
      This way you tick things off faster, which motivates you to get more things done.

      I recommend the ABC method and adapting it to meet your needs. That’s what I do :)

  5. I Convert my work or Tasks into a checklist, it makes me complete my jobs efficiently and also updated to Pending ones.
    Also I do my house shopping this way. You’ll be amazed when u don’t have to think hard what you need or don’t need to buy.
    Plus it’s a way to see all your achievements when the boxes are ticked..
    Yes the list never ends though.

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