5 Ways In Which Travel Makes You Appreciate Home

travel makes you appreciate home
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There’s no dearth of articles on the Internet that wax lyrical about the benefits of traveling. Not that they are really required in the first place, most people I know love to travel anyway. And then there’s the rest of us – that odd bunch who thinks traveling is overrated and is best done sparingly. Us non-travelers are perfectly content staying at home and do not understand the idea of itchy feet.

Still, there’s no doubt that traveling is important if you want a better understanding of the world we live in. Experiencing other cultures firsthand is a fun and enriching experience, but a homebody like me needs motivation to simply get out the front door. So like any other obsessive list maker, I decided to make a list to push myself to explore the world. The realization that traveling makes one appreciate home only dawned on me as I sat down to make my list. So without further ado, here are the five ways in which travel makes one appreciate home:

1. Home is where you can actually relax

Whether you like or dislike traveling, you have to agree that it is not exactly relaxing. In fact, if you happen to be a worry wart like yours truly, it can actually be quite stressful. Think about it: you have to constantly be on the move to be able to accommodate as much sightseeing and shopping as possible in your trip. Getting from one place to another involves tedious stuff like figuring out stops and pit stops, getting acquainted with public transport, and dealing with unpredictable/bad weather. That’s probably why they say that the most relaxing vacation you can take is going nowhere. Yes, home is where you can truly put your feet up and RELAX. For example, can you sleep in during a vacation like you can on a weekend at home?

2. Home is where you always get your favorite foods

I will be the first to admit that one of the perks of traveling to any new place is being able to sample the local cuisine. That said, you might have noticed that often when it comes to trying out new food, it is way better in imagination than it is in reality. You know how it goes: you hear or read rave reviews about a certain dish. Then, you can’t wait to try it out and when you do, you can barely contain your excitement. And then as you eat your first spoonful with relish, you discover that all that praise was blown out of proportion. Because that thing you ate is either meh, good or downright awful. Worse, while on your trip, you can’t satiate your cravings for your favorite foods. While you can and will experience the same disappointment at new eateries in your hometown, at least you will always be able to reach out for dishes that you know and love at your favorite joints.

3. Home is where there are no language and cultural barriers

Anyone who has struggled to communicate with foreigners in unknown lands knows how intimidating and uncomfortable it can get. Isn’t it embarrassing to know how much you are botching up someone’s language and still not be able to do anything about it because you have no option but to speak in that language? And let’s not forget how awkward it is to try and fit in when you don’t know much about the cultural do’s and don’ts. Of course, these make for interesting experiences and funny stories, and can even help you become multilingual and culturally sensitive to some extent. But isn’t it nice to go back to a place where you know your way around the local language and culture?

4. Home is where your family and friends are

True, modern technology enables us to stay connected no matter how far we are from our loved ones. But honestly, seeing someone behind a screen cannot beat seeing them in the flesh, can it? Familiarity breeds contempt in the best relationships, and sometimes, it takes some time and distance to really appreciate someone’s physical presence in your everyday life. Coming back from your trip and seeing your favorite people in front of your eyes…does it get any more magical than that?

5. Home is where you have a routine that you miss

Like it or not, we are all creatures of habit. While us humans enjoy the occasional dose of adventure via travel, we prefer our routines. Though we do get bored with them from time to time, our routines and habits are what keep us sane, grounded, and stable. That’s just the way we are wired – we need to switch between big gulps of consistency and small sips of inconsistency to keep life interesting. This is why when you go on vacation, you initially enjoy the unpredictability, the change in routine. But after a while, you miss going back to your old schedule, the very schedule you needed a break from.

Which aspect of travelling makes you appreciate your home? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Too broke to travel. Will return to this post whenever I feel down. Might make me appreciate staying at home.

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