How Words Wreck Relationships: 5 #ScaryStoriesIn5Words

Written below is a well-played out scene in a lot of monogamous relationships. For the sake of convenience, let’s go with this scenario:  the couple is heterosexual and the guy is at fault for not telling his girl he was texting his clingy ex.

Girl : #DidSheTextYouAgain?

Guy: …

Girl: #IKnewYouWereChatting

Guy: #BabeLetMeExplainMyself

Girl: #Fine.TellMeMoreLies

Guy: …

A few hours later

Girl: #DoYouStillLoveHer?

Guy: …

A few more hours later

Girl: #GodINeedSomeAir

The door slams shut. The guy is left standing speechless. 

It’s pretty obvious what happened here, right? The couple had an unnecessary fight just because the guy was unable to voice his thoughts. If only he could tell her that he was no longer interested in his ex!

And yes, it may seem that something like this is too trivial a reason for a breakup. It may be nothing on its own, but all these little things add up to make a stinky Diaper Hill. So make sure you keep the communication lines open as often as you can. Or else, you may find yourself nursing a broken heart.

As scary as it sounds, words can strengthen, save, or ruin the best of relationships. So watch what you say – and what you don’t say.

Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

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