You Are Never Too Old To Make New Friends

 you are never too old to make new friends

You are in your twenties/thirties/xties
And you think you are stuck with the friends you made
When you were younger and happier
I want you to know and understand
You are dead wrong
There is no end date to which you can make new friends

Yes, it’s harder but it isn’t impossible
In fact, it’s better this way
You’re at the right age for forging real connections
For you know who you are and what you want

Unlike in the past, you don’t have to conform
You can choose people you actually want to hang with
Without worrying about fitting in
Without caring about what the world thinks of you
Isn’t that worth the fear of reaching out to strangers?
Or putting in time and patience for friendship to blossom?

In the end, the choice is in your hands
Of making friends who totally get you
Or letting the status quo take over
So that you never dare to expand your circle

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Life's better when you are aware of your surroundings.

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