6 thoughts on “Choose Yourself Over Other People”

  1. You are also allowed to try and see a situation from another person’s perspective. You are allowed to sensitively explain why you are hurt so that the other person may understand. You are allowed to give second chances. You are allowed to forgive. You are allowed to do all those things in the name of courtesy and respect. No other explanation is necessary.

    1. Right. All this and more when that person is not a raging narcissist who keeps hurting you and refuses to accept responsibility no matter what. Lucid conversations, logical explanations, even desperate pleas…nothing works. All that happens is this: they remain the same while you end up in a darker place each time…alone, scared, confused and helpless. I am a victim and I cannot vocalize the lasting damage it has done to me. That’s why I believe that when your gut tells you somebody has narcissistic tendencies, it’s best to keep them at arm’s length. And if they continue to spew venom, cut them off completely.

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