7 Signs You Need Couples Therapy

7 Signs You Need Couples Therapy
Couples therapy is not only for couples experiencing conflicts, it can also help couples know each other better in a safe space. It is helpful for people at all stages of their relationship, irrespective of their socio-cultural backgrounds and identities. Let’s explore some common problems that it helps resolve.

1. Lack of communication

This does not refer to occasional communication; rather, the conversations are shallow and involve no deep discussions. Usually, communication between couples needs two people who talk and listen to each other intently. When fear of communicating your emotions and needs enters the relationship, it is a great idea to have an unbiased third party to help you navigate this issue.

2. Loss of intimacy

Couples usually observe a decline in their romantic desires after being together for a long time. However, if you don’t know the last time you held hands, kissed each other on the forehead, or expressed your love, you have a problem. Sometimes, losing interest in your partner can be evident through the absence of simple acts of affection. And this lack of intimacy can severely deteriorate relationships over time due to the emotional isolation or avoidance that the partners may feel.

3. Increased dishonesty

Holding personal space and maintaining boundaries are highly essential. But, keeping secrets about where you spend your time, money or using techniques like lying by omission and keeping your partner’s life and your life completely separate can significantly hinder the relationship, making the partner feel unimportant or devalued. Even hiding bank statements, making big secret purchases, or being dishonest in daily interactions can affect the relationship negatively.

4. Unresolved arguments

Have you found that you and your partner tend to argue about the same topic each time it’s brought up? Or, have you noticed that each time you initiate conversations, it ends with an argument?  This may create a sense of resentment, such that all future discussions are tainted with frustration and negative feelings. This indicates a pressing need to explore unresolved arguments deeply and use techniques to resolve them. Healthy relationships are based on the ability to accept differing opinions and settle differences through critical thinking skills.

5. Infidelity

If you or your partner have been unfaithful, there can be a sense of mutual distrust and hatred. Moreover, such an experience can significantly impact other areas of your life like your health, your job, and other relationships. In most cases, love, trust, and respect fade away. This makes couples therapy increasingly essential to discuss the next steps in the relationship. Consider reaching out to experienced psychologists to save your relationship.

Conflicting values

Due to the unique nature and background of each partner in a relationship, both individuals come together with their set of expectations, beliefs, and values. When one partner expects another person to do things according to their beliefs and values (like having a baby by a particular age or living by traditional gender stereotypes), it creates unhealthy dynamics. This is how power, control, and oppression may contaminate the relationship. Exploring each other’s expectations, beliefs, and values through couples therapy can address such differences.

Physical or mental health concerns

When one or both partners experience physical or mental health concerns, there can be significant stress in the relationship, negatively impacting coping mechanisms and general well-being.

Key benefits of couples therapy

  1. Understand each other’s values, beliefs, priorities, feelings, goals, and identities
  2. Improve communication, the key to all relationships
  3. Strengthen and deepen connection and intimacy
  4. Identify unhelpful behaviors in the relationship and eliminate them
  5. Learn healthy techniques and skills of conflict resolution
  6. Encouraging acceptance, trust, and assertiveness
  7. Enhance the overall quality of the relationship

Couples therapy can help resolve all kinds of relationship troubles. If you find that your problems are getting worse or have begun to impact other areas of your life, it may be time to seek professional help. Get in touch with our psychologists here.

The Uliv Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded with a simple vision to alleviate the silence around mental health issues and provide a safe means to access professional guidance.

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  1. Good article. Too late for therapy for me though. My ex refused to seek help and our marriage collapsed

    1. I am sorry to hear that. Take care and know that it’s not your fault. *You* wanted to go for therapy and *he* refused.

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