My Life’s Mission Is To Eliminate The Gender Wage Gap, Says Jacqueline Twillie

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Regardless of their qualification, talent, and work ethic, women across industries are paid significantly lesser than men. Indeed, even in 2022, the gender wage gap is a very real problem. Thankfully, there are pioneers like Jacqueline Twillie who are working to eliminate it. Here’s how she is doing it.

1. How do you eliminate the gender pay gap?

I develop leadership programs for women in male-dominated industries that support women to increase their clarity, confidence, and leadership strategy. This includes negotiating in all aspects of leadership. I was motivated to eliminate the gender wage gap when I learned how multi-faceted the problem is.

2. What is the LATTE system? Please explain.

The LATTE Negotiation framework can be considered a checklist. Women leaders use the framework before they begin discussions for projects initiatives, even with salary negotiations. By following the steps in the process, they’re able to gather data to present compelling cases, increasing their outcomes by 30-40%.

The LATTE Method is a proven negotiation framework that is a foundational strategy for communicating effectively. The 5-point framework to develop a win/win negotiation for business deals and salary negotiations. The five steps are:

1. Look At The Details
2. Anticipate Challenges
3. Think About The Walk Away Point
4. Talk It Through
5. Evaluate Options

It may sound complex, but my negotiation tactics are easy to understand. The idea is to communicate effectively and confidently. I have explained the system along with best practices in my book, Don’t Leave Money On The Table

dont leave money on the table book
Don’t Leave Money On The Table: Negotiation Strategies for Women Leaders in Male-Dominated Industries

3. Are there instances when the system doesn’t work? What should one do then?

Negotiation is a conversation, not a battle. One has to explore the tactics to walk away from a negotiation with both parties looking forward to the next negotiation. If the outcome one expects doesn’t unfold instantly, it’s an opportunity to get creative. No is a signal in a negotiation to move forward with creativity by looking for unique solutions to reach a win/win agreement. While each scenario is unique, it’s essential to think long-term and not make rash decisions such as quitting or calling out a company on social media. While companies do receive backlash for unethical practices when Tweets and posts go viral, this is a strategy that is not foolproof. Because not every social media post goes viral.  Learning to negotiate effectively is a far more reliable tactic. Women need to own their power by relying on negotiation skills.

4. How can BIPOC and trans women get ahead at work today?

As a Black woman, I do not connect with the term BIPOC given the many labels assigned to Black Americans throughout the history of the United States. Black women, women of color, and trans women can get ahead at work by creating a strategic career plan, leveraging their networks, advocating for what they want, and being open to new opportunities. The Resilient Leadership Program by is an intensive that supports women in advancing their careers in a format that aligns with their values.

Jacqueline Twillie is the Founder and President of, a global training, and development firm that specializes in women’s leadership within male-dominated industries. She created the LATTE framework after successfully coaching women to negotiate over $500K in salary and benefits packages. Jacqueline has been featured in Forbes, FastCo, Essence Now, Black Enterprise, Parade,, NBC BLK, and more publications.

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