I’m Lazy And I Own It: Why Hustling Is Overrated


Seema is trying to get a six-pack, Rajesh is cleaning his house, and I am on my bed, dreaming of fries.

Hi there! My name is Abhijeet.

Yeah, I’m lazy and I own it. I find it addictive yet beneficial.

So while you’re trying to get work done from home, trying to learn new skills and fitting in more hobbies in your 24 hours, I am reading books, watching TV shows, and writing – all from the comfort of my bed!

“Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.”
– Patrick Bennett

How did my affair with laziness start?

Well, to be honest, I haven’t been a natural at being lazy. I used to be proactive. At times, I still am. But when I needed an identity, laziness became one.

It all started in 2015/2016, when I needed a quirky username for my Twitter profile. Some deep introspection later, I found what I excel at: sitting and browsing the Internet.

And that’s when I christened myself ‘Certified Aalsi’ (Aalsi means lazy in Hindi). The laziness is growing and spreading its roots since then.

How does laziness help me?

It helps me earn. Yes, no kidding!

While you hustle and grind, I sit here, pondering over trivial matters and observing people.

“Yes, of course, I am athletic… I surf the Internet every day.”
– Anonymous

Thinking about how to employ my research skills in return for money, I entered my current profession – content writing.

I am a freelance writer and I work from home. I help companies gain online visibility by developing website content and marketing their products through articles.

Please note that I am not a freelancer because I couldn’t get a job. I freelance because I *want* to. And it’s been 3 years and counting since I have been freelancing.

Writing has always been my passion. And you can best turn a passion into your profession when you sit back, relax, and enjoy your work.

You can learn all the skills in the world, attend 30 workshops/webinars in 30 days, and collaborate with people in a multitude of domains. But unless you stop and check where you’re heading, those won’t help you much.

To know what you want from your career, you have to slow down and think. Or else, years later, you might find yourself retiring with regrets, because the work you spent most of your time on wasn’t something you remotely liked. You might even end up depressed and burned out if you keep hustling like there’s no tomorrow.

So be lazy before it’s too late and while you still have time to spare!

How can you practice laziness?

Well, before you change into comfy pajamas and get all cozy in your bed, know that you can’t be lazy all the time. Be selectively lazy is what I always say.

Legends say that laziness is the mother of invention. But if inventors turn lazy during the process, their invention might not even see the daylight.

Ironical? But that’s a fact!

Now, I am selectively lazy, and I am proud of it. I don’t want to get up from my chair, I don’t like to talk with people, and I don’t take up tons of projects.

I have hobbies and I make time for them. For example, I like to try different apps and tools. I also read books,  make memes, and socialize online. And in my opinion, I am productive enough.

So, sort out the essentials on your to-do list, get them done, and go to bed. Or take a break and chill. Do whatever helps you unwind at the end of a working day. Purpose and drive are important but don’t be on the grind forever. It’s unhealthy and frankly, boring.

Abhijeet is a freelance content writer and content marketer. He loves to come up with stories around products and create content for websites. You can get in touch with him at abhijeet@lazywriter.in.

6 thoughts on “I’m Lazy And I Own It: Why Hustling Is Overrated”

  1. Loved this to the core!
    People turned even the pandemic into a productivity contest. As Content Creators, I and my teammate (a 21 year old only, by the way) are always burnt out. We have so many goals that we have lost track of them. Ask us to do anything creative and we go blank now! I was a freelance writer for two and a half years and it was the most interesting time of my career and life.
    A suggestion – Please do not go back to 9-5. Its so draining and everything is still a long way from any change. Work From Home bhi panauti hi hai bhai!

  2. Loved your perspective on laziness. Something that people beat themselves about constantly, you have presented it in such a unique way!
    It was such a pleasant read.

    Thank you for being you !

  3. Quite an unorthodox story, you got there! I got to admit I usually don’t stumble upon content like this while surfing on LinkedIn or whatever for the cause, it’s really unique the way you have presented laziness in a good way given certain limitations of course.

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