Humanitarianism Is The Best Religion, Says Bhaskar Shukla

Lt Bhaskar Shukla Coach Runner Motivational Speaker

Getting things done has become incredibly tough owing to the pandemic and the political climate. Luckily, individuals like Lt. Bhaskar Shukla are around to share how you and I can function better. Over to him.

From triathlete and security professional to motivational speaker and spiritual healer, you wear many hats. Which role do you most identify with and why?

I am an ex-Indian Navy officer, so that’s one more hat I wore! Today, I most identify with my role as a security professional. I have learned every other thing because of being in this profession since it demands fitness, empathy, persuasion, knowledge, and much more. In fact, it is the prime reason why I ventured into the fields of spirituality, fitness, and knowledge acquisition.

As a security professional, I am expected to be physically and mentally fit as we have to deal with sensitive issues in an empathetic manner. This is possible only if we have the qualities of a good human being, qualities which are a requirement or result of the rest of my roles.

You completed 175 certifications in 40 days, that too in the middle of a lockdown. Could you share some productivity tips with us?

Definitely. I love sharing tips and have been doing so regularly from the past three months. And the best tip is that one needs to set the right targets. Goal-setting is the most challenging aspect: once that is done, you need to learn how to laser focus on accomplishing it. Honestly, the latter isn’t as difficult as it sounds. As the saying goes, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Additionally, I would recommend everybody to pursue relevant certifications in their respective fields on websites like Udemy that offer cost-effective and engaging courses. Productivity is directly proportional to relevant knowledge, and these certifications definitely increase our knowledge in our respective domains.

What is your take on religiocentrism? How can we rise above it?

In my humble opinion, nothing is above humanity and humanitarianism is the best religion. Religious chauvinism is a peril for society; it has distanced people and caused impediments in our collective growth as a nation. I am a staunch believer of the fact that we should practice our religious preachings without imposing them on anyone. My CPP trainer was a Muslim and he coached me very well. Owing to bias-free mentors like him, I have learned to never judge people based on their religions.

As individuals, we should focus on becoming better human beings rather than spreading hate. In fact, religiocentrism is intolerance and tolerance is the common purpose of all religions, isn’t it?

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  2. Sqn Ldr Toolika Rani (retd)

    Agree with what Bhaskar says about Humanitarianism. We need more people thinking like this.

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