Being You: Staying Level-Headed During Tumultuous Times


Eight years ago, I published a book called Being You, Changing The World: a handbook for creating a life of freedom and possibility. While most books have a shelf life of around 18 months, this book’s popularity has only accelerated since its publication. Why? Because the world is waking up to the power we access when we simply choose to be our authentic selves.

You have the capacity to change anything in your life: whether you have relationship issues, money worries, health concerns, or just an inner sense that you can be happier — you can create and ignite your desires the moment you choose to be more you. And when you are authentic, you can stay calm in the harshest storms. Yes, even in the middle of a terrifying pandemic!

How do you know you’re being you?

In essence, you really like yourself! You exude ease because you have nothing to prove. You recognize you’re continuously changing, and you embrace the possibilities of each moment. There’s no awareness in your world to avoid or protect yourself from. All of this is underpinned by a dynamic sense of peace and a trust that you can change and create anything in your life.

Last year, we released the companion book to Being You, Changing The World. It’s a collection of insights and stories from people around the world who are creating incredible life experiences by simply being more of who they are. We called this latest book The Very Greatest Adventure — because that’s what your life becomes when you choose to be more you. And it all begins with a choice.

Choice: your catalyst for change

Recognizing you always have a choice is the all-encompassing element that allows change of any kind to occur. Perhaps you’re reading this article because on some level you already have an awareness of this, and a desire to choose and create a greater life than you previously thought possible.

Recognize your curiosity, your knowing, and your courage: you may be about to change your entire world.

Three choices you can make today to be more authentically YOU

#1: Let go of judgment

Judgment is such a destructive habit, and it permeates our lives almost unnoticed. From a young age, we’re practiced into dividing the world into good and bad, right and wrong. We continuously make and receive judgments, and it’s such a suffocating way to live — until you see it for what it is and realize you can choose something else.

It’s only when you get out of the wrongness of you that you can explore the possibilities available to you. When you really get this and let judgment go — it’s like coming up for air.

Imagine what your life would be like if you eliminated 50% of the judgment you lay on yourself every day.

What does that feel like?

Now, what if you eliminated 100% of it?

What does that feel like?


That lightness is your inner guidance system, and right now it’s showing you the space that opens up when you let go of judgment. My tip: always choose what’s lighter — it’s how you let more of you in.

#2: Ask, “Who does this belong to?”

Do you know that 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions aren’t yours? Take a moment to digest that possibility. Now test it. Think of a judgment you have about money: most of us have solid ideas about how easy or hard it is to make money, and whether it’s a force for good or evil in the world. What do you believe about money?

Now ask, who does this belong to?

Usually, we absorb our ideas about money from those who raised us. Could the beliefs you picked up be limiting you? And what about your beliefs about health, happiness, and love?

What if you let the limiting beliefs go, and choose to believe something else, something that makes you feel lighter, and gives you a sense of space and possibility?

 #3: Everything is just an interesting point of view

This tool is so good for keeping you in the space of YOU. And like all these choices, it takes a dose of courage because it goes against the norms that the rest of the world live by.

Most of us think we have to either agree or disagree with everything that comes into our experience. When we’re criticized or judged, we believe we have two choices in our response: we can align and agree by believing the person is right, or we can resist and react by thinking they’re wrong — usually feeling the hurt and injustice very deeply.

Get the energy of those two opposing standpoints: they’re so reactive and restrictive. Essentially — they allow for zero space — and space is what’s required for us to access the possibilities of every moment. When we perceive judgments as interesting, and when no one has to be right, and no one has to be wrong — space opens up.

If you choose just one of these tools, you’ll be inviting more space into your world, and from that space, you can explore and be more you. What if you choose to try all three? Could you be at the precipice of your very greatest adventure: creating the life that’s unashamedly, undeniably, effortlessly YOU?

Dr. Dain Heer is an influencer of change and inspiration with a community of over 1 Million+ people. A conscious and creative thought leader with a profound understanding of the power of personal creation, he empowers people to create the money, relationships, and life they truly desire. You can purchase your copy of his latest book, The Very Greatest Adventure, on Amazon. If you need help to survive the COVID-19 quarantine, check out his free tools here

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  1. Wow Mahevash you got the Dr. Heer to feature on your blog! I’ve read his book Being You and it gave me so much food for thought. These tips are damn useful too! 🙏

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