Materialism Has Taken Over The World

Materialism Has Taken Over The World
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

My dad has literally stopped speaking to me because I don’t make enough money. He says he is ashamed of me. Well, I am ashamed of him. I have been nothing but a good son. But what matters most to him is how many zeroes are there in my paycheck. Good thing my sweet mom passed away before she had to see this day.

It breaks my heart that my dad loves my elder brother only because he is making bank. The man is terrible to his wife and kids, and barely civil with my dad. But he has stacks of money and loves to spend it on his family —and that’s obviously what matters most.

Sadly, my dad is the rule, not the exception. The world is becoming increasingly materialistic every day, and there’s little hope in my heart for the future of humanity. The only good thing is that I don’t have any fake friends in my life. All of them value me, not my money. For that, I am grateful.

PS Research says you are living life wrong. See for yourself:

  • Materialists are sad, terrible people.
  • People become more materialistic when they feel insecure.
  • Materialists are unhappy because these people neglect their real psychological needs

Screw your materialism and conditional love. I’m no longer going to try to stay in touch with you. Goodbye, dad.

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