Meet Collaborative Robots, The Advanced AI Trendsetters That Are Here To Stay

The production and commercialized industries have seen a much-reformed environment in the recent past after the introduction of Collaborative Robots or Cobots. Today, cobots are even being used in homes around the world. However, as of now, these robotic laborers are seen more in industries that are automotive and digital functioning. All signs point to its future holding a higher position in the world of retail, distribution hubs, farming and medicine. Here are some of the functional areas where Collaborative Robots will be seen in the coming years:

Global Presages Of Cobot Robots

Collaborative Robots are said to travel the world of Automation and Artificial Intelligence in the forthcoming years. Here are some of the presages.

• Considering Cbot Robots As An Add-On Family Member

Apart from AI-based Vacuum cleaners, households have been very skeptical about home assistance using cobot robots.  Thus, they are not so welcome as of now. But many newly launched companies are expecting this scenario to change in the coming years.

The world of Robotics is seeing cobot robots not only serve as an aid for elderly people but also as a playmate, child and pet care-taker, etc.while the parents/owners are away at work. The number of applications are various and sundry. The major achievement from these companies would be delivering robots after understanding and making a complete study on what is needed and what is not needed from robots by humans. This is the reason AI-based Vacuum cleaners were a major hit – not only were they much-needed and in demand, but they were also affordable.

• Using Cobot Robots For Delivery

Collaborative robots are being  used as devices for delivery as they are best suited to solve the unavoidable last mile problem of the delivery business. This delivery phase is termed as the most delicate and costly phase of the entire delivery process as even the tiniest and solo packages must reach their destination promptly and with no damages. Many cobot robots are designed to efficiently process such activities in a closed environment, carrying out jobs such as delivering mail internally within a company.

Then there is Google’s Nuro, the cobot that delivers groceries and freshly cooked food in Arizona, US. And let’s not forget about Amazon working on the delivery of its parcels through drone-based cobots.

Cobot Robots Are Companions With Higher Efficiency Than Humans

Humans are adapting themselves to working alongside Collaborative Robots. These robots are not meant to replace existing human employees. Cobots are merely the new friendly faces of automation industries delivering mechanical help or even timely guidance at certain times. In the future, as robotic technology becomes cheaper, organizations can use these cobots instead of humans at places that are dangerous and hostile to the latter.

Cobot Robots Are Changing The Game – In A Good Way

Collaborative Robots can be real game-changers as they make their way through businesses based on automation and digitalization in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

However, many of us around the globe are worried about the future, about whether our jobs will be taken over by robots. In fact, the world is starting to witness the same. However, rest assured that Collaborative Robots are only here to assist the human race; they have no intention to replace us.

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  1. I am one of those people who believe that in a few years, robots will take over all our jobs. It’s reassuring to know that this will not be the case. #NotAllRobots

    1. I used to think that way too. This piece opened my eyes.
      PS I like what you did there with the hashtag :P

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