Pink Premium Pads Come Without The Dangers Of Reproductive Health Issues, Says Swati Vakharia

pink premium pads are safe and biodegradable
During menstruation, sanitary pads are indispensable for the Indian woman. But did you know that commercially available pads are neither safe for you nor good for the environment? Founder Swati Vakharia talks about why Pink Premium Pads are your best bet if you are both health and environmentally conscious. Over to Swati.

How did Pink Premium come into being?

Generally, people start their journey with a brand and then indulge in social work. In my case, it was the exact opposite. I have been running a charitable trust called Women Planet Foundation from the past three years under which we have a campaign called Muskaan-Ek Pahel. Basically, we take care of the menstrual hygiene requirements of adolescent girls. We provide them with counseling, education, sanitary pads, soap, and other required things on a monthly basis.

While working towards this cause, we faced the challenge of disposing of menstrual waste in rural as well as urban areas. This challenge forced me to think and work toward sustainable menstruation. Eventually, I started my own company called Pink Premium Pads – sanitary pads which are biodegradable, natural & handmade.

Why should people choose you over other sanitary pads?

Being natural, our pads are safe for use and biodegradable. What’s more, they are made by women for women. We chose to employ women from a village which had no livelihood opportunities for its womenfolk. The women of this village were keen to work but did not have enough infrastructure and support. We provided them with training, started a manufacturing unit within the village, and employed these very women. Apart from providing them with a livelihood, we also raised awareness amongst our workers on how to improve their health and lifestyle.

So because they are natural, your pads do not have the dangers of reproductive health issues like infertility and cancer?

Yes, our pads come without the dangers of reproductive health issues. Our pads are made of vegetable oil, cellulose, and starch. The fact that they are natural and have high absorption capacity means you can wear them safely for a longer time than conventional pads.

Conventional pads are made of chemicals and plastic which can cause cancer and other diseases in a woman’s body. We have avoided chemicals and plastic and are now conducting further research to avoid using gel sheet and cellulose. We hope to come up with an upgraded version soon and are also working towards making our product more cost-effective.

As we become increasingly environmentally conscious, do you think regular sanitary pads will become obsolete in the future?

I would love to see a time where conventional pads are not even visible in the market. Unfortunately, the public is unaware of sustainable menstruation and related issues. But awareness is slowly increasing and we are currently in the transition phase. I am positive that soon most people will start understanding their priorities and responsibilities related to menstruation.

Make the switch from irresponsible menstruation to sustainable menstruation today! Pick up your pack of Pink Premium Pads at

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