Real Estate In India: Using CSR To Build A Better Future

CSR In IndiaFor any company to run smoothly, the management has to take measures to see that they contribute to the development of the society they thrive in. Collaborating and partnering with non-profit organizations is a prime example of how CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) affects the progress of residents within a locality.

In the past few years, the Indian real estate market has witnessed tremendous growth based on several factors like social, civic, and IT infrastructure development. The presence of high-profile residential projects has paved the way for neighborhood development that benefits residents.

Investing time and money in order to create a sustainable living environment contributes to effective CSR practices. Let’s take a look at some instances where CSR has impacted the Indian property market.

Educating economically deprived sections of society

CSR practices are being implemented in numerous ways. For example, renowned property developers are now working with private NGOs that provide services to educate weaker sections of society. The children of construction workers can look forward to a secure future as they are being provided with all the means to be well educated.

Promoting transparency and awareness

The essence of any residential project is to employ a customer-centric approach. Previously, the Indian real estate market was primarily based on the price of the property. However, with RERA and GST in the picture, developers now have to share information pertaining to the project. Residents can now get minute details of a project in regard to environmental preservation and service delivery. This establishes newfound relationships and promotes governance, ethics, and fairness.

Constructing green living spaces

Maintaining both eco-friendliness and biodiversity is the crux of living in a sustainable environment. Real estate developers are currently working with private organizations who loan architects specialized in constructing green living spaces. Solar panels, organic ways of disposing garbage, sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting – all of these save considerable amounts of energy and funds. As a result, local inhabitants can work as a community and lead a serene green lifestyle. Also, by designating required spaces for planting trees, builders help conserve the eco-system, which leads to clean air circulation.

Prominent builders like Prestige Constructions have employed CSR Activities for their respective projects. Projects such as Prestige Lakeridge, which is next to a dried up lake, have taken necessary measures to replenish natural water bodies. Upcoming projects like Prestige Elysian and Prestige Hill Crest are prime projects wherein surrounding infrastructure development is maintained solely by the developer in order to promote sustainable living environments.

Conducting fire-safety workshops

Serving society is by far the most crucial responsibility for any property developer. Along with creating fascinating and durable living spaces for property aspirants, it is equally important to serve society and create opportunities that benefit or improve the overall economic status. Real estate developers of today are visiting different localities and conducting workshops to enhance awareness of how resources can be utilized.  They are also conducting workshops to improve fire-safety practices. Emergencies don’t come invited and during unforeseeable situations, such knowledge is essential for dwelling in a safe and secure environment.

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