6 Tips To Calm Down When You’re Stressed And Overwhelmed

tips to calm down stressed overwhelmed

Things are getting worse on a global level due to the outbreak of COVID-19, especially in the USA. While doctors are doing their best to treat patients, scientists everywhere are looking for a vaccine to cure this disease. Even individuals like you and I are contributing to the fight against the pandemic by following quarantine guidelines.

For many people, this quarantine is getting increasingly difficult due to the fact that they are at home all the time. Staying at home is causing fear, stress, and anxiety to enter our lives. So without further ado, here are 6 tips to calm down when you’re stressed and overwhelmed.

1. Mindfulness is key

We know that things are not easy amid COVID-19, and stress can make the situation even worse for you. Heightened stress leads to a weakened immune system. Live in the present moment aka be mindful to stave off stress.

The video below shows some great ways to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. It is not complicated, even though it seems to be.

Also, remember that this too shall pass, for nothing is permanent and change is the only constant.

2. Human interaction is crucial

I know people who are living with their families, and I also know people who are living by themselves. On comparing these two, I realized that human interaction can help you with stress to a great extent.

You are lucky if you are staying with your family and friends, as you can interact with them in person. If you live alone, you can dial any loved one’s number and talk with him or her. It’s the digital era, so please make use of video calls or voice messages to stay connected.

3. Keep yourself engaged

Stress and anxiety, in many cases, is a result of negative thoughts. You must have noticed that negative thoughts come to you when you are overthinking. From this, you can understand that sitting idle going to make things worse.

The best way to fight this feeling of stress or anxiousness is to keep yourself engaged. You don’t have to become a workaholic though. For example, you can this time to explore long-ignored hobbies and passions.

4. Exercise regularly

If you are stuck into this cycle of stress and anxiety, you can get out of it by doing regular exercise. Exercise is known to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it can be something as simple as dancing or jogging.

Keep in mind that exercising not only helps with your physical health but also with mental health.

5. Utilize your time properly

Stress can also be a result of a poor schedule. Routine is important to maintain sanity and achieve success in life.

Without being inflexible or hard on yourself, maintain a schedule of how you are going to use your time. Always ensure you make time for human interaction and exercise. Also, stop hustling all the time. 

6. Avoid binge-watching

Be it your laptop, your phone, or your television, excessive screentime is bad for your eyes and mental health. Also, use social media wisely as it is full of fake news, rumors, and humblebragging. To stay updated, it’s better to use official news channels or credible websites and blogs.

Times are tough and we need to be mentally and physically fit to successfully fight the COVID-19 pandemic. What are you doing to stay calm nowadays? Share your tips in the comments below.

Shivali Singla is an architect, blogger, and book lover. Follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ishivalisingla/.

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