Knowing Why People Commit Suicide Is Important To Prevent It

Why People Commit Suicide Is Important To Know

It’s very important that we take a moment to understand why thoughts of suicide occur in the human psyche.
The Giving Back Foundation has been working with experts on issues of mental health globally over the last decade and we have come to deeply understand and care about those affected by this subject. We have worked with and turned many young and helpless lives around to a path of wellness and success. And knowing why people commit suicide is important to prevent it from happening again and again.

Linear thinking is to blame

Once we understand the reason why people consider suicide as an option, solutions flow logically.

Life is the ultimate and most precious thing anyone has. When, a human being feels that she or he is unable to live, breathe, or function well emotionally, the thought of ending life occurs. This is often a result of linear thinking, when we think there is only one solution to a problem.

Modern society encourages linear thinking in terms of education, career goals, and countless other ways, and we have come to accept this as a style of thinking without an alternative.
However, the reality is that there are limitless solutions and if we approach an issue calmly and not with an agitated mind, the solutions start to be clear, much like water settling in a disturbed pond.

Modern life is also an issue

Our modern lifestyle choices like junk food, sleep, stress and over-stimulation from drugs, alcohol, or excessive consumption and communication distract our minds, derails logical thinking, and clouds its ability to find solutions that are truly in front of us.

Therefore, the first step is to breathe in and out deeply to slow down our breath. This naturally soothes the agitated mind and reduces racing thoughts.

Mantras and meditation will save you

Next, it’s very important to start meditating. There are a number of online programs that work really, really well, and are available to all!

Finally, please consider chanting a mantra, any Mantra. Unlike the past when people thought “mantras” were strictly religious or a voodoo practice, it is now understood that a “mantra” is simply words that help neutralize the mind and body back into balance and harmony. The world we live in throws it out of balance and mantra helps to deprogram and regulate hormones secreted by the vibration of these calming sounds!

These techniques along with seeking out friends and family members who can support us and take us from these suicidal thoughts, along with retreating to nature, eating raw foods and meditating, will very immediately bring a person back to their natural state of being which is to be “ever joyful”.

Avoid medication if possible

In my humble opinion, anti-anxiety medicines can be very harmful and can cause side effects in the long run. They shut down the body’s actual ability to secrete the necessary chemicals to heal and in time actually cause acute depression and suicidal thoughts in the mind. Hence, I would suggest avoiding them as they only mask problems instead of solving them from the root.

Never suffer in silence

Lastly, reach out to help others regardless of your situation. Soon, healing will begin as a natural byproduct of helping another. There is no joy like the joy of giving.

Ten years ago, before I started meditating, I was stressed all the time. I was busy overthinking and generally overdoing everything in my life. I experienced a total transformation when I used all the tools above.

Life is the most beautiful gift we have been given. Let us enjoy the gift for as long as we naturally can. We treasure you, and we await the fascinating and wonderful things you have arrived in this world to create and share. You are loved and you matter.

Sometimes, suicidal thoughts enter the mind without any reason – and that’s okay. Please note that it does not make you weak or ungrateful. Reason or no reason, when you are depressed and/or suicidal, you should not ignore the state of your mind. Always seek professional help.


September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. If you or anyone you know needs help to deal with depression and suicidal tendencies, please reach out to a mental health professional. Please note that online therapy websites are way more affordable than traditional, in-person therapy.

Meera Gandhi is the founder of The Giving Back Foundation, an organization that is deeply involved in mental wellness. A private charity, it largely relies on contributions from generous people like us. Click here to know how you can help. 

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