These are some of the awesome places where work by Mahevash/ Mahevash Muses has been featured. Favorable media mentions only. Just kidding!

Debut Book Reviewed On Women’s Web ❀️

Busting Cliches Book Featured
Does Mahevash Shaikh Manage To Truly Bust The Cliches We Use Unconsciously?

Interviewed On NE8x 🀩


Meet Mahevash Shaikh, The Author of Busting Cliches

Featured On InternetAdvisor πŸŽ‰

Featured InternetAdvisor Partner Mahevash MusesList of InternetAdvisor Partners

Featured In Healthline πŸ™


Living with Clinical Depression: Mahevash’s Story

Recognized by Women’s Web as one of India’s top 10 mental health bloggers πŸ€—

10 Top Mental Health Bloggers Among Indian Women Who You Must Follow

Quoted in Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing Blog πŸ™Œ

remote writing predictions 2021 carol ticeRemote Writing Jobs Forecast: 14 Experts’ Predictions for 2021

Featured on Twinkl for World Mental Health Day πŸ™‚

Twinkl Mental Health Champion

Raising Mental Health Awareness This World Mental Health Day

Recognized on Feedspot as a top mental health blogger πŸ™Œ

Top 25 Indian Mental Health Blogs and Websites

Top 25 Indian Mental Health Blogs and Websites

Book #2, Darkness And Light, featured as a top 10 poetry book in Delhi Wire 🀯

Top 10 Poetry Books Of The Month | March [Editor’s Choice]

Darkness And Light featured in ANI’s list of top 10 most loved books of 2023 πŸ’—Top 10 most loved books 2023

Top 10 most loved books of the year 2023