Cringe Culture Is Toxic And Needs To Go Away

cringe culture is trash and needs to go away tumblr
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Let’s cancel cringe culture because it is toxic as fuck. I’m not one for canceling, but hey, there are always exceptions, and this is definitely one. Cringe culture, which originated on Reddit, reflects more on the one cringing anyway. This video best explains why it needs to stop here:

Let people be true to themselves in the online and offline worlds without dealing with shame, maybe? Bullying isn’t cool, it’s high time we learn to live and let live. If you find someone doing something cringe-worthy online, ignore, unfollow, and scroll past them. You don’t have to leave a hateful comment, or worse, make a reaction video to make fun of that person. Why not use that time to consume the content you actually like? Let’s leave the kids and people, in general, to do whatever they enjoy doing online.

Oh, and if you come across a bunch of cyberbullies, don’t stay quiet and stand up for the victim. Because as Geermaky Kent says, “Cyberbullying is not a spectator sport. When and if you see it happening resist, stay informed and aware of how you can help and take some steps to champion against it.”

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