Most People Are Terrified Of Death

most people are terrified of death
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Most people are terrified of death
To the point that they forget how to live

This isn’t an attempt at being dramatic
Did you know death anxiety is a thing?
The official name is thanatophobia
And it’s infected humans since the dawn of time

Our collective fear would lessen
If all we did was accept our mortality
But our species, for all its wisdom,
Refuses to accept we can drop dead without warning

Listen up: birth and death are inseparable
That’s just the way it is for all beings
Being the most superior creatures
Does not exempt us from certain death

PS Yes, I know my previous post was about death too. What can I say? I find the subject fascinating.

1 thought on “Most People Are Terrified Of Death”

  1. I’d rather not be born than die. The idea of lying in a grave for who knows how long makes me feel claustrophobic AF.

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