Depression And ADHD

depression and adhd
Image Via Hyperbole and a Half

I’m a lazy lump
That’s what I’m told
Always been easily distracted
Now it’s only getting worse
Blame it on your depression
That’s what the doctor said

But my attention span’s gotten so poor
And impulsivity’s at an all-time high
I had to get checked for ADHD
The test results came back positive
Finally, the verdict is clear:
I’ve got ADHD and depression
Two monsters of similar temperament
You’d think that would inspire some sympathy

Nah, I’ve only earned a reputation
One that I saw coming in hindsight
For past experiences do not lie
Just as surely as people are all alike
I’m not your go-to person at work
I’m the slacker who’s barely keeping her job

Please note that this poem is a work of fiction. However, the disorders it deals with are very, very real.

3 thoughts on “Depression And ADHD”

  1. I don’t have adhd but I do have depression and I can only imagine the deadly combination of the two. Why does mental illness exist fml

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