Healing From Trauma Is A Long, Dark Journey

healing from trauma is a long dark journey
Image Via American Psychological Association

Pain flows through my veins
It’s the only language I understand these days
The consequences of severe abuse
Are visceral and never mild

These wounds aren’t self-inflicted
But it’s my job to make them heal
And I try every single day

I swallow my fears to explore my ravaged mind
Its sting is hard, too hard to bear
Yet I grit my teeth and feel it all
That’s the price you gotta pay
To get back to when your mind wasn’t enchained

3 thoughts on “Healing From Trauma Is A Long, Dark Journey”

  1. I wish there was an easy way to overcome trauma, but unfortunately there isn’t. Everything that’s worth having is worth fighting for, though. Never give up on yourself <3

  2. You said it. I am tired of the daily battle. I am lucky to have a therapist but it is still not easy to overcome flashbacks. PTSD is an evil **********.

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