I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
This is me fed up with every. single. thing.

Feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, and depressed with nowhere to escape? Blame it on pandemic fatigue. Take a break from the real world for a while. That’s what I’m gonna do. Racing thoughts (intrusive thoughts in rapid succession) have been bothering me a lot lately and I have become very low-functioning as well. It’s time to rest and recharge for a few days.

Leaving you with a few helpful links:

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“Control What You Can:” Breaking Down This Not-so-easy Action Into 5 Manageable Steps
Escaping a Suicidal Spiral

That’s all for now. Take care because you matter.


I am leaning on optimistic nihilism more than ever before.
Long naps over the weekend have helped me cut down on screentime.
Other than my blog, I have taken a break from social media aka Instagram and Facebook.
All of this is helping me cope.

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