Dealing With The ‘Is This All There Is’ Monster

The 'Is This All There Is' Monster
Photo by Daria Litvinova on Unsplash

Wake up. Eat. Work. Play. Sleep.
Day in, day out. On repeat.
Locked in amidst raging disease.
Clouds of fear and death loom large.
Even a pandemic couldn’t bring us together.

Humanity continues its steep decline.
People suffer; patriarchy persists.
Civil unrest rages at home and beyond.
Dalit lives matter. Black lives matter.
The privileged, rich, and powerful don’t really care.

And on and on the sordid tale continues.
The world is more ugly than beautiful.
Don’t sell me your ‘it’s a wonderful life’ BS.
I’m no theist or privileged egotist.
Only a mentally ill single brown female.

All that I’ve seen and lived has broken me.
Heartbreak. Violence. Betrayal. Trauma.
Therapy can’t fix every single thing.
‘Is this all there is?’ echoes in my mind.
It’s a wonder I’m still trying to make a change.

But as hard as it gets, I’ll keep at it.
Because doing is better than wishful thinking.
Victim mentality serves no one. 
And I won’t let the question go unanswered.
Sometimes a new perspective is all it takes.

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