Why I’m Always Tired

Tired all the time
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Don’t mean to sound ungrateful
But I’m exhausted every morning
Even after a good night’s sleep
On a soft, warm bed

The reasons for my fatigue are quite a few
Where do I even begin?
First, there’s the chronic anxiety
It crushes my spirit and body
Giving me severe body ache
As if I were run over by a train

Then there’s the mental exhaustion of depression
Which makes the simplest tasks oh so hard
The disease kills my appetite and robs my peace of mind
All the stress it causes is enough to end a life

And of course, that’s not all
Antidepressants have nasty side effects
Like serious fatigue and drowsiness
Leaving me highly depleted

When each day brings with it waves of weariness
Is it any wonder I struggle to function?
If only more people understood
That I have limited energy
And I am not lazy or entitled
The only thing I am is bloody tired

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