Why Solitude Is Good For Your Mind, Body, and Soul

why solitude is good for your mind
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Throughout time, solitude has been recognized as a preferred pastime of the learned and the wise. Yet there’s this prevalent myth that people who spend a lot of time by themselves are boring and lonely. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wise folks spend a lot of alone time and they definitely do not qualify as boring. Think about it: if one can’t stand time to spend time in their own company, isn’t that what makes them a bore? As for the loneliness bit, well, people can be lonely in a huge crowd as well. Because disconnect is what creates loneliness, it is impossible to feel lonely when you love and accept yourself for who you are.

Anyway, whether you are for or against it, solitude is good for your mind, body, and soul. Here’s why.

It helps you discover yourself and prevents loneliness

When you choose to spend time in solitude, you come face to face with who you are as a person. Without the noise of any sort of external stimulus to distract you, you are able to tune in to your own thoughts. And when you become receptive of those thoughts, that’s when the magic happens.

Your mind opens itself up for full exploration and over time, you get to know yourself inside out. Soon, you end up as an individual who’s comfortable in their own skin. Being comfortable in your own skin makes you secure and content in your own company, thus ensuring you don’t feel lonely. This is a huge win because loneliness has become an epidemic that impacts your mental health negatively.

It gives you time to improve your mental and physical health

When you have the luxury of spending time by yourself, you can devote some of it to getting some sort of exercise, be it a walk or a workout on the treadmill. Getting exercise on a regular basis is good for the health of your mind and body. Even the mildest sort of physical activity for as little as three minutes per day helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It also lowers the likelihood of experiencing cognitive decline and dementia. It even boosts your mood and makes you happier.

Coming to the physical aspect, exercise does much more than pave the way for a body that looks fit and fabulous. For example, it helps keep your heart healthy and reduces your risk of getting a heart attack. It makes your bones, muscles, and joints stronger and helps prevent osteoporosis. What’s more, it helps you sleep better and increases energy levels. There’s a long list of the health benefits of exercise for your mind and your body.

It makes you a spiritual individual

When you are able to find peace and calm in alone time, you can focus on finding your higher self. Depending on your religious beliefs, this means connecting with God or whoever you believe is responsible for your creation. And then, away from people and other worldly distractions, your mind will automatically gravitate towards finding your soul mission.

Your soul mission is the reason you were put here on earth, also known as the purpose of your life. Once you figure out your purpose, you can make changes in your life that align with it. Solitude takes you beyond somebody who exists merely on a worldly level and propels you on a path that brings peace, joy, love, and light to you and your fellow creations. In this way, it also helps increase the quality of your life. Because instead of living life on somebody else’ terms, you are trusting your intuition and walking on a path that is authentic and true to yourself.

How does solitude impact your mind, body, and soul? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, I love spending time by myself. It certainly helps me calm my mind after a busy people-y day at work.

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