16 thoughts on “Absolute Freedom – There’s No Such Thing”

    1. So maybe we’re free after we pass away? (I believe in life after death).
      Freedom is an interesting concept. I think it’s human nature (or maybe just nature), to limit ourselves and everyone around us. We’re really good at that.

      Then again, if there wouldn’t be any rules or laws at all, we would have total mayhem.

      1. I think if we had compassion, kindness and consciousness about our acts that affect others and us then we are free.. wait a minute that is like an oxymoron, you are free but you are not… I think only thing caging us up is money and the norms… I haven’t given it much thought but yes freedom is indeed a big topic and a lot can be written and said about…I don’t know if nature’s designs allow complete freedom! weird na? or maybe we are too young to understand?

        1. Maybe there’s always going to be people who bind others, limit their freedom to gain more themselves. I think as a race, we just won’t get the true concept. But at least we can try, by being the best person we can. I think freedom is closely linked to mutual respect; once we get that sorted out, I think (at least mental) freedom for everyone isn’t that far off anymore.
          Really fascinating topic! So many different views to freedom, it’s a great subject to philosophy about!

          1. true. :) Everything you said is true… Freedom is easy to gain in my opinion, just as you said, by being the best person we can be :) & freedom is a great subject to think and ponder on for sure… Gotta think more and read more about it so can explain better in future ;)

  1. Yes when you look at A bigger picture, this is true.
    But when you look at a detail picture, you will find that the sky is only limited to what the birds can fly in their lifetime.
    In short everything is limited.

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