It’s Time For A Blog Makeover

Time For Change

Heyo! Mahevash Muses is getting a new look. This blog makeover is long overdue.

The About Me page and my tagline are new. 

That tag cloud on the right? Gone. I have opted for categories instead. The Facebook Like widget is up too. Do hit it if you like what you see.

And I finally have a Work With Me page. Check it out if you are on the lookout for writing services :)

I am currently working on a better header and logo.

What do you feel about these changes? Please take a look and feel free to critique.


4 thoughts on “It’s Time For A Blog Makeover”

  1. I think your changes are already working for you! Am curious after your future new header and logo, but all things happen in their time (I don’t mean to pressure you, I am just excited, heh).

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